36 Inch Bathroom Vanities

Are you in the middle of remodeling your bathroom and thinking about what size will fit well? Are you looking for something that is just the right size? Browse the 36-inch bathroom vanity at the Avaluxury online store. You will get all your answers here. This vanity is perfect for small-sized bathrooms and even bigger powder rooms. Sometimes you want more space in your powder rooms and antique vanity to sit in the corner or middle of the bathroom, expressing an antique beauty to your rooms. You can hang the 36-inch bathroom vanity in your powder rooms. In another case, like for a small bathroom, this standard-size vanity would be an ideal addition.

When you decide to buy a 36-inch bathroom vanity, you must look for where you can find your dream vanity. Luckily, Avaluxury offers you a wide range of bathroom vanity styles. From modern to antique style, bathroom vanity is available at competitive rates. Now it’s up to you what look you want in your bathrooms or powder rooms.For a traditional appearance, there is nothing better than a traditional and transitional bathroom vanity with a 36-inch width. Contrary to this, you can opt for a modern and sleek look for your bathrooms with various modern-style bathroom vanities available at our online store.

Regardless of the style you choose for 36-inch bathroom vanity, you still need to consider some essential things. These are the suitable material, finish, and storage availability.The 36-inch vanity is the single-sink vanity. Most such single-sink vanities come in various styles for achieving storage. From stylish cabinets to shelves, this 36-inch bathroom vanity can upgrade your storage game entirely. The double or single-door cabinets under the sink open to reveal great storage for putting bathroom cloths and other cleansing products.

Even some 36-inch bathroom vanity has a unique style sink placement. Sometimes sinks are positioned on one side of the countertop instead of the middle. This style offers you more countertop areas to place your daily use product like face wash, morning and night creams, soaps, and more.

To achieve the theme of your dreams for your bathrooms, you must consider the perfect finish for the vanity. Here, for the 36-inch bathroom vanity, you will get a variety of finishes and colors. We provide various color vanities, from lighter to darker colors. All you need to understand is your space needs and the suitable theme. 

At Avaluxury, we believe that bathroom vanity must balance aesthetics, appearance and practicality. Therefore, we use solid and robust material to craft our gorgeous 36-inch bathroom vanity. We pair the solid wooden base with mold-free porcelain or marble countertops to ensure the longevity of the bathroom vanities.

Bathroom vanities are the focal point in the bathroom, so It is necessary to make the right decision while selecting one for you. Browse our 36-inch bathroom vanity from our online store and order your ideal vanity right now.