72 Inch Bathroom Vanities

Elevating the style of the master is quite tricky and hectic. Certainly, figuring out what furniture would go well in the big areas. You might be thinking of a bathroom vanity size and struggling to find one.  To deal with your considerations, Avaluxury provides the 72-inch bathroom vanity in numerous styles and colors. We are here to help you in decorating your master rooms in the right way. Since the 72-inch bathroom vanity is one of the standard sizes for bathroom vanities, it is bigger than the other bathroom vanity. Before buying such a vanity, you need to consider some important things.

Firstly you need to decide on the purpose of your bathroom vanity. Whether you want your vanities to serve multiple persons or just a single person will utilize that. For the latter one, you should go for the under 72-inch bathroom vanity with a single sink. However, if your bathroom is the main area that is the most crowded place while getting ready for work or before going to bed, then 72-inch double bathroom vanity is the right solution.

Before you buy this large-size vanity, we recommend you measure your areas and figure out some questions. Do your area wide enough to mount the 72-inch bathroom Vanity? After mounting, will you get enough space to move around? If yes, then there could be nothing better than a 72-inch bathroom vanity to serve you and all your family members with the comfort of using the vanity. Make sure to fit your big-size vanity in the required area. It should not obstruct the shower and offer more room for traffic flow. 

At Avaluxury, you will get 72-inch bathroom vanity in various styles and designs. From traditional to trendy bathroom vanity, here you can get every style. It’s your decision which one you want to choose. You can get all of these styles in various finishes and colors. Additionally, you need to decide on the mounting style. For a more clean and breathing area, you can get 72-inch bathroom vanity in floating style. Similarly, for traditional aesthetics, you neither ignore a free-standing bathroom vanity. While selecting one, all you need to remember is to furnish your bathroom vanity with the right size mirrors, lighting fixtures, and faucets.

Our 72-inch bathroom vanity upgrades your storage game instantly. You can get this vanity with various drawers and cabinets with a single or double door. All the vanities are decorated with stylish and compatible hardware that can go with the flow of your bathroom’s theme.

A 72-inch bathroom vanity comes with double sinks, so you always need to consider the double plumbing fixtures. Make sure that your old fixture should be perfect. Otherwise, rerouting the drain lines will cost you high. Another important thing to consider is your bathroom vanity’s durability. Whether it is durable enough to withstand for upcoming years or not. For this reason, we craft our bathroom vanities with the most reliable MDF wood and pair them with waterproof countertops.

To buy 72-inch bathroom vanity in unique style and reliable material, Avaluxury is the best and trusted place. So what are you waiting for? Get your dream vanity today from our online store!