During remodeling projects, one of the major parts is selecting the right size mirror to hang on the bathroom vanity. With a perfect match, your bathroom remodeling project might finish according to your desire. Today bathroom mirrors are available that vary in size according to the size of the vanity. Even you can get the right size mirror for small size vanities, such as 18-inch bathroom vanity.

Generally, the 18-inch bathroom vanity is one of the smaller bathroom vanities, and the small-size mirror for this vanity is available in various styles and shapes. The 18-inch bathroom vanity is made for compact size bathrooms or office rooms. To make your small area functional, you will need the right mirror for this small vanity. The mirror over the vanity allows you to get ready or put some makeup on and gives your areas a stylish and modern appeal. If you are finding one for you, reading the following article would benefit you in various ways.

Standard mirror size for 18-inch vanity

There is a standard rule you need to follow for hanging the correct mirror over any size bathroom vanity. This guideline states that your bathroom mirror shouldn’t be wider than your vanity. It should be a few inches (2″ to 4″) narrower than the bathroom vanity width. So by understanding the rule, you can estimate mirror size to hang over the 18-inch bathroom vanity. The mirror size for 18-inch bathroom vanity should be somewhere between 14″ to 16″. However, there is no strict guidance for mirror size. It can vary according to circumstances and the factors we will discuss below.

What Size Mirror for 18 Inch Vanity

Focus on the following factors before buying the right size mirror for 18-inch vanity

Bathroom mirrors are one of the focal points in your bathroom. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small bathroom or a main bathroom; the right size mirror can increase its aesthetics entirely. However, if you don’t know how to select the right size mirror that can fit your 18-inch bathroom vanity, you should consider the following factors.

Focus on the functionality

While hanging the right size mirror over 18-inch bathroom vanity, the primary factor you need to focus on is its functionality. It should be in the right width and height so you can use it easily in your daily morning or evening routine. To achieve the right mirror size, you need to focus on your height. When getting ready in front of your vanity mirror, you must feel completely comfortable. However, if you are making the area functional for all your family members, count their height too. The mirror should not hang so high that a kid or small, heightened person couldn’t use the mirror comfortably.

Measure the bathroom space

Another important factor while selecting the right size mirror for 18-inch bathroom vanity is to measure the space where you want to mount the mirror. You cannot randomly choose any size mirror so that you might touch your mirror top to the bathroom ceiling or lighting fixtures. Therefore it is necessary to measure the distance between the 18-inch bathroom vanity and the roof of your bathrooms. In case of hanging the lighting fixtures, leave some space for mounting them above the mirror. However, the mirror width goes with the width of the bathroom vanity. The 18-inch bathroom vanity should be a few inches narrow than the vanity, as we discussed earlier. But if you want to hang the sconces, you must leave some space for them.

What Shape Mirror for 18-inch bathroom vanity?

You will get various mirror shapes when you buy a new mirror to hang on the 18-inch bathroom vanity. Today you have more options for mirror shape than a single rectangular mirror. The shape of the mirror might affect its size of the mirror. The rule mentioned above is for rectangular and square shape mirrors. While hanging the rectangular or square shape mirror, you can follow that rule and leave the 2-inch space on either side of the vanity. The standard sizing rule might not perfectly fit a round or oval shape mirror. If you want to hang the round or oval mirror on the 18-inch bathroom vanity, try to align the middle of the mirror to the center of the bathroom vanity or the faucet point. As the round or oval mirrors have no defined corners so, while hanging these mirrors, you don’t need to worry about leaving the specific space for sconces on either side of the mirrors.

Mirror placement over 18-inch bathroom vanity

All shape mirrors can hang in two ways: vertical and horizontal. For larger rooms, the horizontal mirror placement over the oversized bathroom vanity is more trendy than the vertical. In some cases, these large mirrors can go vertically according to the demand of the bathroom style. For smaller bathrooms with an 18-inch vanity, there might need more space to hang the rectangular or round mirror in the horizontal position. So the best mirror placement over the 18-inch bathroom vanity is vertical. By placing the mirror upright, you can get a broader appearance of your small rooms. Before hanging the mirror, measure the space between the bathroom vanity and ceiling. The ideal gap between the ceiling and the mirror top is 5″.

What style mirror you want to hang over 18-inch vanity?

Mirrors not only improve your bathroom space’s functionality but also enhance your area’s design. For 18-inch bathroom vanity, there is a huge collection of mirrors varying in style. You can select according to our taste and the theme you want to get in your areas. Through different style mirrors, you can convert the small bathroom into any style bathroom; from traditional to stylish look, you can get whatever you want. Today, you can get decorative, minimalistic, traditional, LED, and other stylish mirrors to mount over the 18-inch bathroom vanity. In addition to these contemporary mirrors, framed and frameless ones are available in the market. The mirror size rule applies regardless of the aesthetic you want to achieve in your bathrooms. For hanging the framed mirror, you might need one or two more inches, while frameless mirrors can turn according to the standard size rule. No matter what style you want to get in your bathrooms, you can hang the mirror over the 18-inch bathroom vanity according to your choice. For smaller size bathrooms hanging the wide mirror can increase the visual effect of your area and make them look bigger.


Yes, in some cases mirror can be wider than the bathroom vanity. Because when you are designing your bathrooms, there is no strict rule for mirror size. You can alter the size of the mirror according to your needs. Mirrors do not just enhance functionality; they increase the look of the bathrooms. You can hang the mirror wider than the vanity to achieve the desired stylish appearance.

Various mirror shapes are available to hang over the 18-inch bathroom vanity. Round mirrors lend a visual effect to your small bathrooms, while the rectangular mirror is the best option for most of your area. You can choose based on your preferences and needs.


The right size mirror to hang over the 18-inch bathroom vanity is a few inches smaller than the vanity. Besides, you need to focus on other things that we described above. The bathroom space, gap between vanity and ceiling, lighting fixtures, sconces, and mirror style and shape all have their own importance while defining the mirror size over the 18-inch bathroom vanity. Whether you follow the standard size rule for mirrors or not, ensure a balanced look in your bathrooms. We explained every aspect of deciding the right size mirror for the 18-inch bathroom vanity. You can follow these before buying the right size mirror for you.

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