The bathroom remodeling project can only finish once you get the right mirror for your bathroom vanity. Mirrors are essential parts of daily life. No bathroom vanity consider complete without mounting the right size mirror. They must be of the right style and size to achieve convenience while using them. The vanity mirror is the first thing you see every morning during getting ready, shaving, and putting makeup on. You cannot perform any grooming task without hanging the correct size mirror. If you are considering getting the right size mirror for 24-inch vanity, then you need to read this article for proper guidance.

A 24-inch bathroom vanity is one of the standard bathroom vanities. These vanities are generally hung in small-size bathrooms or powder rooms. The right size mirror lends a balanced appearance in your bathrooms. It allows your area to look open and wide. Choosing the wrong size mirror might decrease the charm of your bathroom and precious vanity set.

This article is undoubtedly a valuable guide for deciding the right size mirror for a 24-inch bathroom vanity.

Average mirror size for 24-inch vanity

If you are looking for the right size mirror for 24-inch bathroom vanity, then according to the standard rule, the mirror size must be two to four inches smaller than the vanity width. The average mirror width for 24-inch bathroom vanity is 22 inches, which is narrower than the vanity’s width. But this is not strictly recommended to follow these guidelines. During bathroom remodeling, you can change the bathroom size from the average mirror to 24-inch bathroom vanity. You can mount the full-size mirror over the small-size bathroom vanity. However, mounting the too-small mirror over the vanity might give an imbalanced appearance.

Besides the average size mirrors, other factors also play an essential role in defining the right size for a 24-inch vanity mirror.

How to get the right size mirror for 24-inch bathroom vanity?

The right size mirror for 24-inch bathroom vanity gives your area a balanced appearance and provides convenience while utilizing the vanity. The most important element to take into account when selecting the proper size for a mirror is making it functional for the consumers. For multiple users, count the height of every person. Besides this, you must consider other important things before buying the right bathroom mirror.

What size mirror for 24 inch vanity

Vanity dimensions

The other important thing to do is to measure the vanity dimensions precisely. Measure the width of the vanity top from left to right to define the mirror’s width. Similarly, measure the length of the vanity from the top corner to the bottom of the vanity. In the case of 24-inch bathroom vanity, it is evident that the width of the mirror will be somewhere between 18″ to 22″. However, the maximum width will be 22″, “according to the rule of thumb.

Shapes of mirror

Get the right size mirror that can reflect the style and image of your bathroom theme. Bathroom mirrors are available in various shapes. The rectangular and square shapes are the most famous and traditional mirror shapes. These mirrors have defined corners and must be set in the right location over the 24-inch bathroom vanity. By following the standard size measurements, you can put these mirrors quickly.

In contrast, the round and oval shape mirrors without any defined corners can be set on the bathroom vanity easily. The main trick to hanging these over the 24-inch bathroom vanity is to keep aligning the central points of the mirror, sink, sink faucet, and vanity. Moreover, unique shape mirrors can also be hung according to the standard measurement for mirror size.

Overall space

The size of your bathroom as a whole needs to be taken into account. The 24-inch vanity is the more petite bathroom vanity and serves small areas. The small size bathroom usually has a small space to hang the mirror. Consider the full-size frameless bathroom mirror instead of a framed mirror for such a compact area. The frameless mirror gives your bathroom a wider look and a brand new look.

While considering the space for the correct size mirror, think about the already installed lighting fixtures, backsplash, medicine cabinets, and faucets.

Types and placement of lighting fixtures

The other important thing to consider is the type of lighting fixtures. What kind of lighting fixtures do you already have in your bathrooms, or do you want to hang them over the 24-inch bathroom vanity?

Hanging the lightning bar over the 24-inch bathroom vanity with a single or double light bulb will give your bathroom a stylish appearance. However, the mirror size can vary according to the available space over the 24-inch vanity.

Hanging the sconces on either side of the mirror over the 24-inch bathroom vanities may affect the mirror’s width.

How high should the bathroom mirror be over the 24-inch vanity?

There are no strict rules and guidelines to hang the bathroom mirror over any size vanity. It depends on different factors, including the height of all users, the height of the vanity, the placement of lighting fixtures, and the size and shape of your desired mirror. There are no rules while designing the bathroom. Still, you can follow the following tips to set the right size mirror at the right place.

  • Leave a 5-10 inches gap between the mirror and the sink; it will allow adjusting the faucet at the right place.
  • Leave a 4-7 feet gap between the floor and the mirror bottom.
  • Set the mirror according to the height of all users.
  • Centrally align the mirror between the sink and the lighting fixtures.


Can a mirror broader than the 24-inch vanity be hung?

Yes, you can definitely hang the mirror wider on the bathroom vanity. While decorating the bathroom, there is no strict guideline to hang the smaller or larger vanity mirror. If due, for some reason, you need to hang the mirror wider than the 24-inch vanity; then you can hang it until you achieve the right style and theme for your bathroom.


The right size mirror for 24-inch bathroom vanity depends on the above factors. The overall bathroom area, types of lighting fixtures, types of mirrors, and most importantly, height and width of the bathroom vanity all define the vanity mirror size. However, according to standard rules, you should leave the 2″ space on either side of the mirror above the 24-inch bathroom vanity. But for smaller vanities, such as 24-inch vanity, you can add 2 inches in the mirror size. Make sure there is enough area above the 24-inch bathroom vanity to hang the 22-inch mirror.

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