Do you want to bring some changes to your bathroom design? Having a bathroom vanity with 32-inch width forces you to consider the mirror size that is compatible not only with your vanity but also with your lighting fixtures. We bring this article to help you decide the right mirror size for your 32-inch bathroom vanity. 

The bathroom mirrors are the most critical element while designing any size bathroom, guest room, or main room. During remodeling, sometimes you need to figure out what size mirror will go to your specific size bathroom vanity. If you have already mounted the bathroom vanity, then you need to consider a mirror that is proportional to the size of your vanity. Mounting the right size mirror to your room brings brightness and a larger look, even for small areas. Mirrors play an essential role in enhancing the functionality and design of bathrooms. 

For deciding the size of bathroom mirrors, you can follow some guidelines to get a standard measurement for the vanity mirrors. If you are concerned about the right size mirror for 32-inch bathroom vanity, then you can follow the rule of thumb. According to this rule of mirror size, you need to leave a 2-4 inch gap between the width of the mirror and the vanity. Considering this rule, the standard size of a bathroom mirror for a 32-inch bathroom vanity should be 28-30 inches.

The standard size for your available area might not be suitable. These are not the strict guidelines you must follow to decide on the mirror size. In addition to the standard rule for mirror size, there are various factors you can consider while choosing the right size mirror for a 32-inch bathroom vanity. According to those factors, the suitable mirror size could be smaller or larger than the standard mirror size for 32-inch vanity. We will discuss these factors throughout the article so you can get the right size mirror for 32-inch bathroom vanity.

How to get the accurate size mirror for 32-inch vanity

Mirrors are the main points of the bathrooms to achieve a balanced look and the best practicality. A grooming process can only be completed with the right size mirror. The best part of the grooming process is you should feel comfortable while standing in front of your vanity. Without the proper guidance, you might hang the wrong size mirror above the vanity. That will create an imbalanced look and make you feel uncomfortable while getting ready. To get the right size mirror, you can consider different things. 

Determine how much space you have

The area space and layouts are essential when choosing the right mirror. So start by looking around the bathroom space. Are you going to install the mirror in the larger or smaller rooms? For larger rooms, you will need a single large mirror or double equal size mirrors to create a balanced look. If you prefer large single mirrors above the vanity, you must focus on the general area to mount the mirror. Also, measure the ceiling height before hanging the large bathroom mirror so you can avoid touching the mirror top to the ceiling, or there will be no space left for lighting fixtures. 

In another case, when you want to hang the double mirrors above the vanity, you can choose this option for large bathroom vanities. But for small bathroom vanities, you should focus on a single mirror according to vanity size and available space. The 32-inch bathroom vanities are designed for small-size bathrooms or powder rooms, so there might need more space to hang the double bathroom vanity mirrors. 

Measure the bathroom vanity

The perfect mirror size for any bathroom vanities should be proportional to the vanity width and height. Consider the mirror’s width a few inches smaller than the width of the vanity due to different reasons. Firstly you can achieve a balance and perfect bathroom design. Secondly, you might need to mount other things, such as sconces or towel holders, on the adjacent wall of the vanity. So try to hang the mirror with a minimum width of 28 inches for a 32-inch bathroom vanity. Similarly, the height of the mirror also depends on the size of the bathroom vanity. However, there are other factors to define the height of the mirror. The lighting fixture, ceiling, and backsplash above the vanity will also determine the size of the mirror. 

Consider the shapes and mirror placement

The other important thing is what shape of mirror you want to hang above the 32-inch bathroom vanity. The market is full of different types of shapes for all-size bathroom vanities. All you need to do is to select the shape that matches your bathroom design. While selecting the shape for the mirror, you might need to make some variations in size for the 32-inch bathroom vanity according to the shape of the mirror and the space available on the wall.

The standard size is usually defined for rectangular mirrors. Thus, if you choose this shape mirror for a 32-inch bathroom vanity, you can buy the mirror 2 inches less comprehensive than the vanity. On the contrary, if you want to hang round mirrors, the mirror size might be different as these mirrors do not have sharp edges. There is less chance of touching the mirror edges to the other things, such as lighting fixtures. While hanging the round or oval mirror, the only thing to consider is to align them in the middle of the vanity and the sink.

Bonus Tips: How to install bathroom vanity?

Regardless of the mirror’s shape, the placement of the mirror will also affect its size. For small-size bathrooms, mounting the rectangular and oval shape frameless mirrors in a vertical direction are the best options to achieve a more open and wide look. The vertical placement option suits better in more oversized bathrooms or powder rooms. 


What size would a round mirror be perfect for 32-inch bathroom vanity?

According to the rule, the mirror size should be a maximum of 4 inches smaller than the size of the vanity. The diameter of the round mirror for the 32-inch vanity should be 28 inches. It would be the best round-size mirror for 32-inch vanity. Mount the round mirror at the center of the vanity and sink to get a proper aligning appearance. 

How to fix the frameless mirror above the bathroom vanity?

Frameless mirrors are usually available without any frame and need special care while mounting on the bathroom wall. To fix them, you need to use a unique adhesive, or you can use the brackets designed explicitly for such frameless mirrors. You can quickly secure the frameless mirror on the bathroom wall above the vanity through these. 


Consider a mirror width of 28 to 30 inches when choosing the proper size for a 32-inch wide bathroom vanity. These are defined by following the standard rule for measuring the mirror size. These measurements could be more precise, though. The size can be changed depending on the bathroom layouts, vanity dimensions, mirror styles and shapes, placement of the mirrors, and many other aspects. Make sure to maintain the mirror’s size to provide comfort while brushing your teeth or applying makeup. You can get our expert opinion whenever you need any recommendations for your particular situation.