Whether you have installed a 36-inch vanity in a compact area or a large-size bathroom, you always need to accomplish a perfect theme in your area. Nothing can convey a better appearance than a right-size vanity mirror to hang over a 36-inch vanity. To get a complete and balanced impression besides the lighting fixtures, the mirror with the right style and size plays an important role. Placement of these mirrors above the vanity can enhance or decrease the style of your bathroom and the gorgeous vanity. If you mistakenly hang a mirror that is not perfect in size, you might lose the charm of your lovely vanity. 

Therefore, you must understand how you can hang the correct size mirror over any size bathroom vanity precisely above the 36-inch vanity. This article is for you if you’re finding the right way. This article will teach you about different factors that impact mirror size. 

What are the standard size measurements for 36-inch vanity?

You can follow the rule of thumb for hanging the mirror above any size bathroom vanity. The rule tells us to keep the mirror narrower than the vanity size. The ideal gap between the mirror and vanity width is 2-4 inches. Hence, if you want to know the standard size for 36-inch vanity, it should be a minimum of 32 inches wide. These are the ideal measurements for a mirror over 36-inch vanity. The height can be changed according to different aspects, but you should keep the height of the mirror at the eye level of users. 

Additionally, different things can change the mirror size. Let’s discuss those aspects to define the right size mirror for 36-inch vanity in your specific areas.

What Size Mirror For 36 Inch Vanity

Mirror Dimensions for 36-inch vanity

For mounting a mirror above the 36-inch vanity, the first thing to consider is the dimensions and the space for hanging a compatible-size mirror. Mirror dimensions will include the width and height of the mirror. 

Width of mirror

Following the rule of thumb for mirror size, your mirror should be up to four inches smaller than the vanity in width. There should be a 2-inch space on each side of the mirror above the vanity. For 36-inch vanity, a 32-inch vanity mirror is perfect, leaving the 2 inches gap on either side of the mirror. However, you can mount the mirror as big as you like, but it shouldn’t be more comprehensive than the vanity. So, there is nothing wrong if you want to hang the mirror equal width to the vanity. While designing your bathrooms, while keeping the comfort level, you can mount the mirror of your choice with your desired size. 

Height of mirror

The height of the mirror depends on different features, such as lighting fixtures or the size of the faucet and backsplash. You can mount the mirror as long as you want, but make sure to avoid touching the mirror top to the ceiling or pre-mounted lighting fixtures. To avoid such a situation, make sure to leave a 4-5 inch gap between the mirror top and the ceiling. In addition, mirror height can be changed according to your choice of lighting fixtures and their placement. Finally, be careful while hanging the mirror to keep the light bulb out of the way when using the mirror. 

Shapes of the mirror for the 36-inch vanity

Mirrors come in various shapes and styles. What kind of mirror you will hang over 36-inch vanity will also describe the size of the mirror. There are plenty of mirror shapes, from traditional to antique-style mirrors. You can select according to the theme of your bath areas and your choice. The most common and famous mirror shapes are rectangular, round, square, and hexagonal. 

Round mirrors

When we talk about round mirrors, they could be circular or an oval shape mirrors. These are perfect for installing over small-size bathroom vanities like 36-inch vanity. For hanging the round mirrors, you can use the rule of thumb as no defined edges can disturb the other bathroom accessories like scones or lighting fixtures. A 34-inch circular or oval mirror is ideal for mounting over the 36-inch bathroom vanity. Round mirrors give a unique appearance while hanging on the vanity. Whether you want to hang them in a vertical or horizontal position, you need to place them at the center of the vanity and sink. 

Rectangular Mirrors

The above-mentioned standard sizes are perfect for rectangular bathroom mirrors. The rectangular bathroom vanity provides a broader and more open appearance even if you hang them in small-size bathrooms. You might think of single or double mirrors for bathroom vanities. The 36-inch vanity is small and always comes with a single sink, so you need to hang the single rectangular mirror above it. You can place them vertically and horizontally over your 36-inch vanity. But before choosing any placement style, measure the space to mount them. 

Square mirrors

For hanging the square mirror above the 36-inch vanity, make sure to measure the area to mount them. The best measurements for the square mirror to mount above the 36-inch vanity are 36 x 36 inches. Square mirrors are the perfect option for small powder rooms or bathrooms as they provide a neat view. You can keep away the other bathroom things from sight while standing in front of the square mirror. 

Geometrical mirrors

If you want to create drama in your small space, you can mount other geometric shape mirrors, such as hexagonal and octagonal ones. These shapes are perfect for small-size bathrooms. They provide ease to hanging in vertical or horizontal positions. 

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Other considerations for getting the right size mirror above 36-inch vanity

Before deciding on the mirror size for 36-inch vanity, you need to consider some other considerations. 

Vanity placement

To define the width of a mirror over 36-inch vanity, the placement of your vanity also leaves a significant impact. If you are hanging the mirror between the walls, your mirror should be a few inches away from the adjacent wall. It will allow you to mount the wall sconces or the towel holders. 

Cabinets or shelving

Before deciding the size of your mirror, look around the space and check that you have any pre-mounted shelves or cabinetry. Make sure to leave a few inches of gap between the cabinets and the mirror edges. 

Lighting fixtures and their placement

If you want to mount the lighting above the mirror, that will affect your mirror’s height. Make sure to hang the mirror at the eye level of the user. Similarly, when you mount the sconces on either side of the mirror, the width of your mirror could be less than the standard width size. 

Framed or Frameless mirrors

The other thing you need to consider is what style of mirror you want to hang above the small-size bathroom vanity. A 36-inch bathroom vanity is a more petite vanity; for such mirrors, you can get the mirrors with or without the frames. To mount the framed mirror, you should count the structure size other than the mirror. However, for small vanities, a large single frameless mirror is the ideal addition. It will make your area look more prominent. 


What type of lighting would be perfect for 36-inch vanity?

The lighting with CRI-100 would be perfect over 36-inch vanity. To achieve this, halogen and incandescent lighting are the best options to achieve the right brightness above the 36-inch vanity. Other lighting options, such as LED and fluorescent lighting, can be chosen for 36-inch vanity.

What accurate dimensions does a 36-inch vanity have?

The bathroom vanity, which is 36 inches wide, will be 22 inches deep and 35 inches high. These are specific measurements for the 36-inch vanity that can help you to define the mirror size and other bathroom accessories. 


Decorating any size bath area, specifically a tiny area with 36-inch vanity, could be hectic. Mainly, this article is written for you when you want to decide on the mirror size for 36-inch vanity. You can mount the mirror with standard measurements but can alter the size according to your choice of mirror. Until now, you might have a rough estimation of the mirror size for your areas. Still, if you need any guidance according to your needs, then you can contact us.