A bathroom vanity is the most important feature for any size bathroom. These play an important role in your grooming process. Combining the different bathroom accessories such as vanity mirror lighting fixtures, towel holders, and more, the bathroom vanities give an aesthetic appearance to your bath areas. To build a proper and balanced look, you must buy the right mirror for your bathroom vanity. If you are considering buying a bathroom vanity for your 40-inch vanity and don’t know how to buy a perfect vanity, then you need proper guidance. 

Having the right mirror above any size bathroom vanity is important to get a balanced look and achieve comfort while using it. Without a proper size mirror, you will never feel comfortable while getting ready in the morning or before going to bed. You might think getting a perfect mirror for your bathroom vanity is not a big deal. But when you step into the market and find a great collection of vanity mirrors in front of you, you might consider some important factors. These factors could be the style and size of the mirror. It doesn’t matter what style you want to bring in your bathroom; without a proper mirror, your bathroom remodeling project could go wrong. 

Throughout this article, we guide you on measuring the right mirror for your 40-inch bathroom vanity, besides informing the standard mirror measurements for this size vanity.

What is the standard size for the mirror to hang over the 40-inch vanity?

While designing a bathroom, you can follow a thumb rule of thumb for hanging a right-size mirror over any size vanity or 40-inch bathroom vanity. According to this rule, the bathroom vanity should be 2 to 4 inches smaller than the width of the vanity countertop. By keeping this in mind, a mirror with 36 inches worth can be hung over the 40-inch bathroom vanity. However, there are no strict guidelines for hanging the bathroom mirror over the vanity. So you can change the mirror size according to your space but try to stay within its width from the vanity top’s width.

What Size Mirror For 40 Inch Vanity

How to measure the mirror size for 40-inch vanity

Besides the standard mirror size, you can measure the right one according to your needs by keeping some factors in mind. These factors might be the size of your vanity, your Sink, the placement of lighting fixtures, and more. This article will describe them individually, so you can make the right decision while buying the right size mirror.

Sink size

In addition to the vanity size, the size of the Sink also plays an important role while defining the mirror size for your bath areas or powder rooms. The 40-inch bathroom vanity is a standard-size vanity with a single sink. It doesn’t matter whether you have a luxurious sink or a standard sink; the mirror size should be wider than the width of your Sink. Hanging a mirror smaller than the sink size is unacceptable, as it will never create a balance appearance in your bathroom and will never give you comfortable usability. So try to keep the mirror size more than the size of your Sink.

Lighting bars or sconces                                    

The mirror size can vary according to the type of lighting fixture you want to hang in your bath areas. For lighting fixtures, you will get a lot of options, such as lighting bars, sconces, pendant lighting, or chandeliers. If you have already installed a lightning bar above the mirror, then the length of your mirror can vary according to the position of the lighting bar above the mirror. However, if you want to hang sconces on either side of the mirror above the 40-inch bathroom vanity, you must subtract a few inches from the mirror size. Make sure to leave space for mounting the sconces on each side of the mirror.

Mirror and backsplash

The other important factor to consider is the backsplash above the vanity. Some vanities come with matching backsplash; if you have one of them, before making measurements for your mirror, try to consider the size of the backsplash. Your mirror should not be too long that it encounters the backsplash. 

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What shape mirror you want to hang? 

Vanity mirrors are available in various shapes and sizes. You can get the basic rectangular or round shapes for hanging above 40-inch bathroom vanity. Whatever shape use select for your bath area, try to create a balance and symmetrical appearance. Most importantly, your selected mirror should be perfect for fulfilling your demands.

  • Rectangular or square mirrors are the best option to create a traditional look. To hang the rectangular mirror above the 40-inch bathroom vanity, measure the space before buying one for you. 
  • Round mirrors include circular or oval-shaped mirrors that give a unique and stylish appearance in any size of the bathroom. You can hang a circular mirror with a 36-inch diameter above the 40-inch vanity. 
  • Besides the rectangular and round mirrors, other geometrical mirrors are also available. To hang such a mirror, you may need to reconsider your all bathroom style to get a balanced appearance. 
  • Mirrors with frames and without frames are also available. For small bathroom vanity, a mirror without a frame is ideal for a comprehensive look. However, mirrors with antique design frames are best for the antique and artistic theme. 

Some other factors to consider


Bathroom mirrors are important to get the right functionality. No matter what style and size you choose for a 40-inch bathroom vanity, all you need is comfortable usability for you and your family members. Keep the eye level of a user in mind while hanging the mirror above the vanity to get a good and accurate view of you. To achieve more storage, you can hang the medicine cabinets. Medicine cabinets have multiple functions. One, you can use its mirror instead of hanging a separate mirror. Second, you can organize your daily use products on the shelves of medicine cabinets. 

Placement: vertical or horizontal

Another important factor is the placement style of your mirror. All style mirrors can be hung vertically and horizontally. Hanging the rectangular mirror in a vertical position is an ideal option to get the bigger appearance of your small bath areas. However, if you want to hang them in a horizontal position, make sure not to exceed the size of the 40-inch bathroom vanity countertop. Oval or circular mirrors also can hang in both directions to get the ideal style. All you need to do is to measure your space. 


What can affect the mirror height?

Different important things affect the height of the mirror. These are the ceiling height, types of lighting fixtures, and vanity height. Before hanging any size mirror, leave enough space between the mirror edges and all of the above mention features. 

Is the mirror with 46-inch width bigger than the 40-inch vanity?

Its simple answer is yes. The ideal mirror width is narrower than the vanity width. For hanging the large mirrors, you can hang the mirror with a 40-inch width, at most, that size. 


The standard mirror size for 40-inch bathroom vanity is 36 inches. It will be best if you have a perfect layout and space in your bath areas or powder rooms to hang this standard-size mirror. However, there are no strict rules and regulations to hang the mirror above any size vanity. In the end, it is the balance and aesthetic appearance after hanging the right size mirror.