When building or remodeling your home, it is necessary to achieve a balanced and comfortable environment by installing the right size bathrooms furniture such as mirrors, vanities, and lighting fixtures. With minor negligence, your entire project could go wrong. So it is necessary to understand what size mirror will suit your areas. The 48-inch bathroom vanity is the popular standard-size vanity that can serve medium to large-size bathrooms. You might wonder what size mirror would be perfect for 48-inch bathroom vanities. 

Mounting the right mirror provides excellent functionality and enhances the overall appearance of bath areas. It also affects the required brightness for your site. All of these benefits are possible only when you hang the right size mirror over 48-inch bathroom vanity. However, when you stand in the market to buy a new mirror for your vanity, you need clarification after seeing many mirror styles and size options. Therefore it is necessary to do some research and consider all the factors that can affect the mirror size. 

If you buy the right size mirror for 48-inch bathroom vanity, then read this article.

What are the standard mirror measurements for 48-inch bathroom vanity?

There are some standard measurements to mount the mirror above any size bathroom vanities. These measurements allow you to mount the mirror above the vanity, which is narrower than the width of the vanity. You need to keep a gap of 2-4 inches between the mirror edges and the vanity’s corners. According to this, the standard mirror size for 48-inch vanity is 42-44 inches. However, these measurements can be altered according to other factors discussed in this article. 

What Size Mirror For 48 Inch Vanity

Some considerable factors while buying the right size mirror for 48-inch vanity

Besides the standard measurements, you should consider some other suitable measures. These measurements depend on factors such as overall available space to mount the mirror, ceiling height, mirror types, and lighting fixtures. We will discuss all the aspects and decide what size mirror will be perfect for a 48-inch vanity.

Overall space

Start with the space of your bathrooms. The 48-inch bathroom vanities are standard-size vanities that can serve well medium to large-size bathrooms. If you are hanging this vanity in a medium-sized bathroom, you might need to cover the entire area. You can opt for different style mirrors, but a frameless mirror is the better option to cover the space. By leaving the room for lighting, you can mount the mirror equal in width to the vanity, not wider than this. It will make your medium size bathroom look bigger.

Bathroom wall and 48-inch vanity

You might have to mount the 48-inch bathroom vanity to cover the wall for the congested area. If you have such wall-to-wall vanity, you can cover the entire wall above the 48-inch vanity. The wall-to-wall mirror will help to obtain a comprehensive and open look in medium size bathrooms. This look also gives practical application for multiple people using the 48-inch double bathroom vanity simultaneously.

Ceiling height

The other prominent feature of the bathroom is the height of the ceiling. Besides the overall space, only ceiling height also plays a vital role while defining the size and length of the mirrors. However, hanging the more extended mirror is the ideal solution to achieve more brightness and overall view. But the mirror should not be a such height that it touches the ceiling of your bathroom. You should mount the lighting fixtures; there will be no space to hang them when you choose the giant mirror. The ideal gap between the mirror’s top edge and the ceiling is 4-5 inches. Following this rule will give you enough space to hang the lighting bars above the mirrors.

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Lighting types and their placement

You must mount accurate lighting fixtures to make proper brightness in your bathrooms. For lighting fixtures, you will get multiple lighting options. These could be lighting bars, sconces, pendant lights, or chandeliers. 

Before hanging the mirrors above your bathroom vanity, make sure to decide on the lighting fixture because it plays a vital role in determining the size of the mirror. If you choose the sconces on the sides of the mirror, then you need to decide the width of the mirror that can allow you to mount your desired sconces. However, if you want to mount the lighting fixture right above the mirror, you must leave space for them.

Mirror types and their placement

All mirrors come in different shapes, styles, and finishes. From modern to minimalistic style mirrors, you can select one to hang over your separate color 48-inch bathroom vanities, such as white, gray, black, and more. These mirrors come with LED lights, defog functions, and other sensors. 

These shapes and styles play a vital role in deciding the size of the mirror. The measures, as mentioned earlier, are typically considered rectangular mirrors. In addition, you can select round, oval, and other geometrical shape mirrors. However, while hanging these mirrors, consider the sink size and vanity size. Their size should not exceed the vanity size. 

In addition to the shapes, the style of mirrors also affects the mirror size. Mirrors come in framed and frameless styles. The frameless mirrors are less expensive and ideal for creating an airy look. On the contrary, framed mirrors are perfect for creating an antique and dramatic appearance. When selecting these mirrors, make sure to leave space for sconces of the lighting above the mirror. Whatever style you choose, you can mount the mirrors in horizontal and vertical directions. According to your choice of placing them, mirror size can vary.

Some other important factors to consider

Besides these factors, there are some other essential factors that you should consider before buying any size mirror for 48-inch bathroom vanity. 

Functional height of the mirror 

The primary purpose of hanging the mirror is to achieve functionality. It is essential during the grooming processes at home. While doing so, you require a comfort level. No grooming process can be completed until you feel relaxed. For this, your mirror should have an accurate height. Mirrors not only improve your rooms’ aesthetics but provide extreme comfort while using them. Try to hang the mirror at the eye level of the users. Whether you are going to use that or your kids, measure the height of the mirror according to the size of the person who will use them.

Types of vanity for 48-inch bathroom vanities

Vanities come in various styles and finishes. The most common types are cabinet vanities, vessel sink vanities, floating vanities, and free-standing bathroom vanities. It doesn’t matter what vanity style you like; the mirror size should be accurate to get a balanced look and function. 

  • Cabinet vanities provide great storage to tuck away all the toilet products. You can hang the mirror above this according to the rule of thumb while focusing on the other features. 
  • Vessel sink vanities are the most stylish vanities that provide a unique appearance. Unlike other vanities, the sinks for this vanity typically place on the top of the vanity base. To hang the mirror above such a vanity, you need to focus on the vanity height, including the size of the vessel bowls. 
  • Free-standing cabinets are traditional and modern-style vanities. Unlike all other vanities, these are not attached to the wall. These vanities come with specific heights. Focus on that before buying the mirror. 
  • Floating vanities are unique style vanities that do not have any support. Instead, they mount against the wall. For mounting such vanities, you need to follow specific rules. After that, you can measure the mirror size according to the available space. 

Backsplash and mirror

The other important thing you should consider is the backsplash. Whether you are mounting the backsplash above the vanity or not, your mirror height affects by your choice. Backsplash is the best option to improve the style. Sometimes it helps to fill the gap between your mirror and the vanity.

Single or double bathroom vanity for 48-inch bathroom vanity

The 48-inch bathroom vanity is the most petite size and comes in single and double sinks. You can mount according to your preference. What purpose do you want to enhance your medium-sized bathrooms? With this small-medium vanity, you can give all your family advantages.

Single bathroom vanity

If you are opting for a single bathroom vanity style for 48-inch bathroom vanities, you might need to require the mirror size according to the abovementioned factors. A standard-size bathroom mirror can also hang above the single bathroom vanity while considering all other features.

Double bathroom vanity

When you select the double bathroom vanity style for 48-inch bathroom vanities, you get two options for hanging the mirror above the vanity. one is you can mount a single and larger mirror above the 48-inch bathroom vanity. The second option is to mount the two mirrors above each vanity sink. All you need to do is to leave accurate gaps between the mirrors and the sides of each mirror. The ideal gap between the two mirrors is 4 inches. So for 48-inch bathroom vanity, you will require two mirrors that are 22 inches wide. 


What is the right size for a round mirror above 48-inch bathroom vanity?

If you want to hang the single round mirror above the 48-inch bathroom vanity, you can follow the rule of thumb. By following this rule, subtract the 4 inches from the 48, and you will get 44 inches measurements. It will be the diameter of your round mirror. 


The mirror size for 48-inch bathroom vanity depends on all the factors mentioned above. From the style of the mirror and vanity to the lighting fixtures, all play a role in deciding the mirror size. However, the ideal mirror size for 48 inches is 42-44 inches wide. You can add or subtract some inches according to your area layouts and other features. After reading this post, you can contact us to get professional advice if you are still confused about your deciding mirror size.