When renovating home and bath areas, selecting the right mirror is equally essential as choosing the right bathroom vanity. It could be tricky to decide the mirror size for more oversized bathroom vanities such as 60-inch bathroom vanity. While remodeling, you might need to make some crucial measurements, and mirror size is one of them. In contrast to small-size bathrooms, oversized bathrooms require more care while decorating. So you can achieve the desired and balanced look. 

For bigger areas, a 60-inch bathroom vanity is a standard-size vanity. These vanities come in various styles and features. You cannot hang any style mirror above this vanity. When mounting the wrong size or style mirror, you can lose the charm of a 60-inch bathroom vanity. So to maintain the style and glam of bathroom vanities, it is better to hang the right size mirror above the 60-inch vanity. 

Mirrors are available in various styles and shapes. It depends on different features that decide what shape, style, and size of the mirror suit your bath areas. To determine the right size mirror for 60-inch bathroom vanity, read the following article. 

What is the standard mirror size for 60-inch bathroom vanity?

You can follow the rule of thumb to mount the mirror above any size bathroom vanity or the 60-inch bathroom vanity. It is the simplest way to decide the mirror size. This rule allows you to mount the mirror narrower than the vanity but not bigger than this. The standard width for the mirror to hang over the 60-inch bathroom vanity is 56 inches. By hanging this size mirror above the 60-inch vanity, you will be free to leave two inches of space on either side of the mirror.

What Size Mirror For 60 Inch Vanity

How to decide on the right size mirror for 60-inch bathroom vanity?

Whether you decide on the size of the mirror or other features for your bathroom vanity, you must get a symmetrical appearance and comfortable environment in your medium-large size bathrooms. A 60-inch bathroom vanity is typically designed for large-size bathrooms. In addition to a standard-size mirror, you might need to hang a different-size mirror that is perfect for a balanced appearance. To get the right mirror, you might need to consider the following factors. 

Evaluate the mirror dimensions.

Before deciding on the right mirror size, you will need to measure the area layouts and the mirror dimensions. For larger areas, a small size single or double mirrors will not always be a perfect option. Similarly, you cannot hang a too-long mirror that will touch your bathroom ceiling.


The ideal height of the mirror can be considered by the height of the person who will use this. Besides achieving the comfort level, you can get proper aesthetics when you hang the right size mirror. It will allow you to hang the lighting fixtures and other decorative accessories for your bathrooms. Other things also define the height of vanity mirrors, such as vanity height, ceiling height, and other things such as backsplash. There should be a 5-inch gap between the ceiling and the mirror top. 


For deciding the width, you can follow the rule of thumb. The mirror width depends on the width of the vanity. The ideal mirror width is smaller than the vanity’s width. But you can change the mirror size according to your decorative style. If you want to hang the mirror equal in width to the vanity, you can mount it. Make sure the mirror width is no more than your vanity’s width. 

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Lighting fixtures

When deciding the mirror size, the lighting fixtures and their placement play an important role. You might get a different option for lighting fixtures. There are plenty of lighting fixtures, and according to the type of lighting, you can mount them above or on the side of the mirror. Lighting bars are generally mounted on the mirror, while the sconces are mounted on either side. It’s up to your choice of decorating and designing your bath areas. 

If you decide to mount the lighting bars for 60-inch bathroom vanity, you will need multiple bulbs to get accurate brightness. You might have double mirrors above the double bathroom vanity; then, you can go for two lighting bars above each vanity and sink. In addition to these, you can select pendant lights or chandeliers. Whatever option you select, measure the mirror size accordingly. 

Consider the shapes of the mirror for 60-inch bathroom vanities

Mirrors can be found in a variety of shapes. From traditional and basic shapes to unique and modern mirror shapes, you can get each shape in various sizes. Every shape mirror gives a unique aesthetics to every room where they mount. Here we will discuss the more common mirror shapes and their size. 


Rectangular shape mirrors are the most common and popular mirrors. These mirrors provide balance and a comfortable appearance from small to large areas. The standard measurements of rectangular mirrors are 56 inches wide to hang above the 60-inch vanity. You can hang the rectangular mirrors horizontally and vertically. A rectangular mirror gives a proper look no matter what style you select for placing them above your vanity. 


In addition to the rectangular mirror, round mirrors, like circular or oval shapes, are famous among people. To get a unique or cottage-style appearance, nothing can give you satisfaction than a round mirror. For 60-inch bathroom vanity, a round mirror with a 56-inches diameter is the ideal choice. Always consider the sink and vanity size, no matter what option for placing them. 


To get proper symmetry, you can mount the mirror with equal measurements from each side. To hang above the 60-inch bathroom vanity, you will need a square mirror 56 inches wide and high. For double bathroom vanities, you will require two square mirrors to hang above each sink over a 60-inch bathroom vanity. 

Unique shapes

If you are not a fan of hanging the typical shape mirrors, then you can mount other shapes mirrors with unique shapes. In the market, these are available as geometrical, hexagonal, or pill-shaped mirrors. For hanging them, you can follow the same rule mentioned above while considering the other features. 

Consider the style of the mirror for 60-inch bathroom vanities.

Apart from the shapes for the mirrors, you can get them in various styles. These styles are important to achieve a unique and stylish appearance. Some people love the simple style, while others want a dramatically modern look in their bath area or main rooms. The different styles of mirrors help them to achieve that uniqueness. The most popular styles for mirrors are:

Framed mirror

The framed mirrors are ideal for achieving decorative and artistic appeal in any size bathroom. These frames could be wooden or nickel-brass finishes to provide timeless appeal. If you want to mount a framed mirror above the 60-inch vanity, you make the right choice. But before selecting the framed mirror size, consider the sconces/lighting bars, backsplash height, and ceiling. 

Frameless mirrors

Frameless mirrors are ideal for getting brightness and widening appearance in small to large size bathrooms. A frameless mirror having the same width as the vanity can be ideal. However, you can follow the standard measurements for hanging the mirror above the 60-inch bathroom vanity. The ideal frameless mirror size is 30×60 to mount above the 60-inch bathroom vanity.

Smart mirrors

Moreover, you can find mirrors with different and up-to-date technology. Some mirrors come with LED lights. These LED mirrors mimic the daylight in the closed bath areas. The size of such a mirror could be equal to the framed mirror. Some mirror comes with sensors and with the latest technology. Whatever style you select, try to focus on other features. For such mirrors, you may don’t require any additional lightning. 

Single or double bathroom vanity for 60-inch bathroom vanities

The large-size bathroom vanities have two different options when it’s come to improving functionality. Whether you want to increase the storage or make your bathrooms functional by having two sinks. The 60-inch bathroom vanity is available in two options: single bathroom vanity and double bathroom vanity.

Single bathroom vanity for 60-inch vanity

If you want to increase your bathroom storage room, then a 60-inch single bathroom vanity is the ideal addition. The mirror size for this bathroom vanity can vary according to your choice. Whether you want to hang the single mirror above the 60-inch vanity or double mirror, you can follow the rule of thumb. You can hang a frameless or framed mirror above 60-inch wide vanity. 

Double bathroom vanity for 60-inch vanity

A 60-inch double bathroom vanity is a large one and is usually selected by couples or siblings who will share the bathrooms. When mounting the mirror above this vanity, you can hang a large single frameless mirror to get a wider look. If you want to hang the double mirror above each sink and vanity, you need two equal size mirrors. The ideal gaps between the two mirrors should be 4 inches. In addition, there must be two-inch gaps between the outer edge of each mirror and vanity countertop.


How should be the vanity lighting directed: upward or downward?

The best and most recommended way to direct the lighting is downward. For smaller rooms, try to lights above the mirrors and direct the bulbs in a downward direction. However, for bigger rooms, you can also mount your lighting bulbs upward. 


The 60-inch bathroom vanity is made for large-size bathroom vanities, so the mirror for such vanity should be wide. For hanging the mirror above such vanities, you can follow the standard measurements and all the factors mentioned above. In addition to the standard-size mirror, you can hang a custom-size mirror that can fit in your areas above the 60-inch bathroom vanity. Whatever the size you select, you should get a comfortable environment after hanging the right size mirror in your areas.