Are you considering how big a mirror you should hang over your 72-inch vanity in the bath area? Proper performance is crucial after hanging the mirror. While doing so, you can make even the smallest of bathrooms feel more open and stylish by letting in daylight and creating the impression of more space. That’s why selecting the right mirror for your vanity is important, and it all begins with the correct measurement.

Sometimes it takes time to decide which mirror is the best for the available space. And if your vanity is 72 inches in width, then the size of mirror you need for that is a simple fact.

However, there may be no hard and fast rules about how big a vanity mirror must be. Some general rules of thumb can help you achieve a well-balanced design.

This article will explain these standards and give you the measurements for the standard to the right size vanity mirror. We will also address other concerns you may have when shopping for a new vanity mirror for 72-inch bathroom vanity.

What is the standard mirror size for a 72-Inch Vanity?

All-size vanity mirrors can be selected according to the rule of thumb. Following this rule, a bathroom mirror between 66 and 68 inches in width is recommended for a 72-inch vanity. After that, there should be two to three inches of space around the mirror. The ideal size for any size vanity mirror is a few inches smaller than your vanity top.

What Size Mirror For 72 Inch Vanity

How high should a mirror be for 72-inch vanity?

When selecting a vanity mirror, it’s crucial to consider the proper height. Be sure the mirror’s height will not cut your neck when you look into it. If you put the mirror in this way that it is just slightly over the vanity, you can avoid this problem. The breadth of a vanity mirror should be at least as much as the user’s height.

Therefore, a mirror height of 68-76 inches is recommended for a 72-inch vanity. The full-length mirror may be angled so your complete body can easily view.

How to get the right-size mirror for 72-inch vanity?

When it comes to aesthetics, a mirror is an essential part of any vanity set. One of the first places we look in the morning is in the mirror, where we clean our teeth, apply makeup, and style our hair before we head out the door. It takes expertise to select the right size mirror that can fulfill all your needs. We made this a quick guide to assist you in selecting the right size mirror for your 72-inch bathroom vanity.

Shape of Mirrors

You can purchase mirrors with different styles, finishes, and shapes from the market. Also, you can opt for a classic design by selecting a rectangle or oval mirror with free-standing vanity or a floating vanity and a finish that harmonizes with the room’s decor. You can purchase a mirror equal to the vanity or a custom size mirror.

Square is a popular design among modern homeowners. Still, if you want something simple and sophisticated with cutting-edge technology like LED lights, you can also find them on the market.

Besides the basic shapes, modern and unique shapes such as hexagonal or geometrical shaped mirrors are also popular to bring a unique look to a traditional one.

Another creative way to get some fun and fantasy into a bathroom makeover is to go with bright, surprising colors or an elaborative design.

Space between mirror and vanity

Before measuring the mirror size, consider the available space. The mirror must be hung one to two inches from the wall. Ideally, the mirror should be hung in the center over the vanity sink. Additionally, take careful measurements of the wall and ceiling height above the vanity and use that as a guide for hanging the mirror. Also, consider the lighting fixtures (bars or sconces) and make proper measurements.

On average, the mirror’s frame should be a few inches narrower than the counter’s. Some people prefer wider mirrors that extend the edge of the vanity. In this case, they can choose this option, but the mirror’s width should not exceed the vanity’s.


Another consideration when choosing the correct mirror size for a 72-inch bathroom vanity is the vanity’s intentional use. For this reason, it should have appropriate width and height so that you can use it comfortably during your morning and evening routines. Hang the mirror according to the height and eye level of the person who will use the vanity mirror. You must feel relaxed while prepping in front of your vanity mirror. But if you want the space to work for everyone in the family, you’ll need to consider their heights. A mirror shouldn’t be hung too high so that a child or shorter person can’t see themselves in it.

Mirror Placement

Whether in the bathroom or bedroom, the mirror’s placement or readjustment will significantly impact your sense of personal style. Selecting a mirror that is too small for your bathroom or improperly installed will make the space appear smaller. Whatever the style or shape you choose for your mirror, it is important that the mirror can reflect as much natural light as possible, which creates a more aesthetically pleasing effect. Mirrors can be placed vertically or horizontally, regardless of the space and vanity size.


While hanging the mirror, consider the lighting you require for your bathroom area. A 72-inch bathroom vanity is for a large area, and you will require more lighting to get proper illumination here. If your bathroom has a small window, place the mirror in a way that it faces the window. It will allow most of the light to come in. If the bathroom has a large window, the mirror should be hung so that it faces away from the window.

More light will cause more shine, and too small light quantity will make you squint to see clearly. Therefore, it’s important to get the right size mirror to get the required light, especially when you have no window in the bathroom.

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Framed or Frameless

Whether you want a frameless mirror or framed mirror, you must consider the space above the 72-inch bathroom vanity. The frameless mirrors are more popular in small and congested areas to create a relaxed look.

However, choosing a framed mirror for the 72-inch bathroom vanity is a good idea as there will be a lot of space above the huge bathroom vanity. Most importantly, the glass surface of a framed mirror is more likely to get damaged than a frameless mirror.

On the contrary, frameless mirrors are a modern alternative for those who prefer not to have a substantial border around their reflection. Whatever shape or size you choose, make sure it will fit in the area above your vanity.

Bathroom style

The aesthetics of the place also matter greatly. You should think about it when creating the overall style you want to achieve in the bath areas. Minimalist, classic, ornamental, and other aesthetic choices are all feasible. The key to completing each look is a mirror with appropriate dimensions.

Double bathroom mirrors for 72-inch vanity.

The 72-inch vanity set is a popular choice for getting the typical double bathroom vanities. These are an excellent choice for spacious master rooms and bedrooms. For 72-inch double bathroom vanity, you can mount a single mirror over each sink and vanity.

The general rule of thumb for hanging a double mirror above each sink is to leave four inches of space between mirrors and at least 2 inches gap on the outer sides and the vanity.

How can you properly mount a mirror above 72-inch vanity?

Some suggested locations for mounting your mirror accurately above the 72-inch bathroom vanities.

Directly above the vanity

To hang the mirrors above the vanity, consider the height of the person using the mirror. You should be able to see your full face, neck, and the top of your head when looking in the mirror. It’s not a good idea to hang your vanity mirror so low that it touches the table. There should be a gap of 5-10 inches between the mirror and the vanity.

Mount over the faucet and sink.

It’s important to keep the bathroom’s top faucet line in mind when deciding how high would be the vanity mirror.

When you focus on the faucet line and the sink, you don’t need to worry about how high the mirror is mounted over the top or backsplash. Place it high enough so it won’t get wet if the faucet is turned on.


Hanging a mirror above 72-inch bathroom vanity can cost you high?

Because of its size and weight, a mirror for a 72-inch vanity will cost more than a smaller mirror for small bathroom vanities. Big mirrors take up a lot of room on the wall, but they also serve as a decorative element and an artistic theme. Because of the substantial size of the mirror, the asking price is significant.

Will your mirror be bigger than your 72-inch vanity?

If the idea of being limited by the dimensions of your vanity top worries you, a large mirror is an important addition. As long as the finished product suits your design and the vanity mirror fits in your bathroom, you are free to select a mirror as large as you wish.


It doesn’t matter that you are selecting a vanity mirror for a 72-inch or any size bathroom vanity; make sure you can get a good look at yourself. Your head and neck should be visible in the mirror. Similarly, the mirror’s narrowest point should be smaller than the vanity’s width. If you are considering the sink size, the mirror over the sink in the bathroom should be wider than the sink. For a 72-inch bathroom vanity, you can select a 66 to 68 inches wide mirror. However, it should not touch the backsplash, lighting fixtures, and ceiling.