Where To Buy Bathroom Vanities?– Avaluxury

Whether you are just replacing your bathroom vanity or performing the whole remodeling of your home or bathroom, the one crucial question that pops up in your mind is where you can buy your new bathroom vanity. When renovating your bathroom, replacing the bathroom vanity is one of the most critical steps for renewing the bathroom. Changing the bathroom vanity gives you a refreshing feel in your bathrooms.

However, you cannot mount any bathroom vanity in your bathrooms that fail to reflect your true sense of art. Before deciding on a bathroom vanity style, you must decide where to buy your new one. Today there are a lot of retailers selling different types of bathroom vanities. But not all of them provide good quality products. Sometimes they even don’t have more variety of vanity sets. If you willingly or unwillingly buy your new bathroom vanities from such retailers, you will waste your money.

There may be no turning back when a vanity has been installed. You might get the right style from such stores, but with the solid material, you will enjoy your new bathroom vanity and the theme for a while longer. Therefore, making the right decision at the right time is necessary so you don’t need to repeat the remodeling project.

While purchasing either online or in a store, consider various aspects that we will discuss below.

Consider the following features before buying any vanity from any store.

Before buying a new bathroom vanity, you must focus on some critical factors. Whether buying your vanity from a local retailer or a well-known brand, you must always consider some essential things. These could be their reliability, product quality, and product style. Buying a new vanity is more challenging than you consider. You cannot step into the market and get the first vanity you see from any store. You must think thoroughly and act wisely while buying a new bathroom vanity set. Let’s discuss the factors one by one.

Reputation and Reliability

It is the most critical factor when buying a new bathroom vanity form online or in-store. Today there are a lot of retailers who are providing bathroom vanities. All of them may claim to offer good-quality bathroom vanities, but you must trust all retailers. Their provided products should be the same as they are presenting and informing. Sometimes retailers provide low-quality products and not telling the truth. When you buy your new bathroom vanity from such brands or retailers, your vanity may only stand for a while in your area, and you need to repeat the remodeling project. This will cost you high and waste the efforts and energy you used in a previous remodeling project. You can ensure their reliability by asking your friends and family. If the brand exists online, you can check the reviews and what others say about them.

Costs of bathroom vanity sets

Before buying your new bathroom vanity, consider the price of the new vanity set and your budget. Buy your new vanity from a brand and retailer providing quality products at affordable prices. It is not wise to get the first vanity you see at the first store. Sometimes you can get the same product at fewer rates from different brands. Before making a decision, visit different stores and check the online stores. If there is any difference in prices, you can estimate that who is selling the bathroom vanities at high prices.

But before getting the new bathroom vanities at a lower price, ensure they are providing the same quality product. You can ask the manufacturer what material they use to manufacture the bathroom vanities. Whether they are manufacturing by themselves or they are selling others’ products. All these things will make it easier to decide where to buy your next vanity.


The most important thing is the flexibility of the store or retailers. You can check their flexible services in various ways. You need to think about some things. Whether they are selling one or two vanity sets or providing an extensive collection of vanity sets under one roof to select one for you, when a brand sells multiple products, you can make a flexible choice. Some brands sell traditional bathroom vanities, and some sell modern ones. Having multiple options under a single roof will make it easy for you to select the best one.

Bathroom vanities come in various types, such as single-bathroom vanity and double-bathroom vanities. The single-bathroom vanities are suitable for small bathrooms, while the double-sink ones can fit in large ones. In addition to the type, you need to check whether they provide flexibility in deciding the size of bathroom vanities. For example, some bathrooms need small-size bathroom vanity, such as 18-24 inches, while some require medium to large bathroom vanities (30”-72”). You can estimate the retailer’s flexibility and reliability when you get the all-size option under one roof.

Sometimes you want to buy a bathroom vanity with tops and sometimes without countertops. If the brand/store provides the flexibility to select the vanity with tops and without tops, then you can quickly get your bathroom vanity from them. if the brand provides freedom, you can get your favorite material for the top and make the vanity set of your choice.

Customer support

Any vanity store and manufacturer must deal with its clients. While making purchase with any brand you can have a number of uncertainties and queries, particularly if you are a buying from them first time. A reputable vanity company offers the greatest customer service. Vanity brand must be capable of handling any problems that arise during the shipping procedure.

Get your favorite bathroom vanities from Avaluxury

When buying a new bathroom vanity during your remodeling project, you might buy your dream vanity from Avaluxury. At Avaluxury, you will find a variety of bathroom vanities, from which you can buy one for yourself.  Here you can get several bathroom vanities varying in size and style. You can quickly get the dream vanity from traditional to luxurious bathrooms, free-standing to floating. Here you can get such bathroom vanities that can stand in any theme. Every person loves to decorate their bathroom according to their choice and available space. Avaluxury provides many products so everyone can get their favorite vanity set. We will describe in detail what features for bathroom vanities, you can get from Avaluxury.

Single Vanities from Avaluxury

Avaluxury provides single-bathroom vanities that can stand in compact to broad areas. Mostly small powder rooms or bathrooms need to hang single-sink bathroom vanities as there needs to be more space to mount the double-sink bathroom vanities. Single-sink bathroom vanities are the optimal and best choice for use in powder rooms, guest rooms, and other similarly sized bathrooms. They lend the cramped areas an impressively dramatic and aesthetically pleasing aspect.

Single-bathroom vanities are famous for creating a clean appearance in small-size bathrooms. These vanities take up less space and can easily fit in cramped bathrooms. So if you have tight space to mount the bathroom vanities, Avaluxury is solving your problem by offering single bathroom vanities. Even you can get a different size for single-bathroom vanities. You can single-sink bathroom vanities that are 18” to 60” wide. You can mount single-sink bathroom vanity according to available space.

Single bathroom vanities come with different style sinks. You can mount it with an integrated to under-mount sink for single bathroom vanity. For more floor space, you can opt for the pedestal-style sink that usually mounts over the top of the vanity base. These style vanities take up less space, so it is easy to clean the area around the bathroom vanity. When you mount the single bathroom vanity, you find the less cabinet facing to collect filth. Besides, a single bathroom vanity with less counter space offers easy cleaning and polishing. 

Avaluxury offers such single-bathroom vanities that feature multiple drawers and cabinets. These stylish single-bathroom vanities provide excellent storage to put all your necessary things. The wide single or double-drawer cabinet offers excellent storage for bathroom towels and other cleaning products.

In addition to small-size bathrooms, you can mount the single bathroom vanities in the large bathrooms and central areas. Even you can create a unique and stylish appearance by hanging the two small single-bathroom vanities in a proper symmetrical manner. When you mount the two small bathroom vanities and hang the sconces between both vanities, you will get a unique and modern look in your bathrooms.

Double Vanities

For larger families and couples, there is always a need to have a separate or more countertop space while getting ready for school or work. You always need to find such a vanity piece that can serve well. The right solution for tackling such a situation is the double bathroom vanities. A double-bathroom vanity carries the two separate sinks and displays more countertop space.

Such double-bathroom vanities from Avaluxury are renowned for working wonders for large families and couples. They can end arguments over who gets to use the sink amongst siblings and couples. Everyone can arrange their own space and store their products in the cabinet. You can get these vanities in every style and color according to your choice.

Regardless of the style and color, these vanities can enhance the storage space for all family members. These are manufactured in a way that they come with more storage drawers or cabinets. Large-size drawers of double bathroom vanities can hide many products and provide easy access to your daily use products. Besides the drawers, the wide countertop provides more space to place the products and tools like a hair dryer and straightener while preparing for function or daily work routine. 

The inclusive collection of double-bathroom vanities from Avaluxury is famous for achieving the classic look in large-size bathrooms. Their vanity sets are manufactured from durable material to serve your area for years.

Sizes for bathroom vanities at Avaluxury

The size is always the most crucial factor to take into account when purchasing a new bathroom vanity. The bathroom vanities from Avaluxury are available in a range of sizes to accommodate all-size bathrooms, powder rooms, and guest rooms. You can always locate the vanity you want, no matter how big or tiny your space is. Avaluxury offers a variety of bathroom vanities in sizes ranging from tiny to large, depending on the space you have available.

Small to medium size bathroom vanities

You don’t need to panic if your spaces are too small and confined to accommodate giant bathroom vanities. For these spaces, Avaluxury offers tiny to medium-sized bathroom vanities. Compact bathroom vanities with a single sink, such the 18-inch vanity and the 24-inch vanity, can be mounted in small bathrooms or office spaces. These small bathroom vanities can perfectly improve the usability and appearance of small spaces.

Medium to large size bathroom vanities

If your area is a little bit larger, you might need to mount medium to large-size bathroom vanities for such bathroom vanities. You can get a 30-inch vanity, 32-inch vanity, 36-inch vanity, or 40-inch vanity. As Avaluxury provides a great collection of bathroom vanities so you can get your desired vanities. But before making a decision about the size of your vanity, you need to take proper measurements so you can get the right size bathroom vanity. The most important thing you need to consider is whether you can achieve the space for rooming around the bath areas.

These medium size bathroom vanities come with a single sink. If you require hanging the medium size bathroom with double sinks then a 48-inch vanity is the best option. This vanity can fulfill all your needs without taking up a large space. These medium size bathroom vanities come with different numbers of drawers and cabinets that can store all necessary toilet items that benefit you in keeping your area clean and neat.

Large size bathroom vanities

For bigger main rooms, you always need to mount the bigger vanities that can enhance the appearance of the area. Avaluxury offers bigger vanities in every style and color to stand in your wide bath areas. Large families and couples who need more countertop space want to mount bigger bathroom vanities that could be 60 to 72 inches wide. For those, Avaluxury is allowing them to select a 60-inch single bathroom vanity or a 60-inch double bathroom vanity. Another standard-size bathroom vanity is 72-inch vanity that is typically designed for large spaces. Both of these large-size bathroom vanities have the capability to store a lot of products.

Style for bathroom vanities at Avaluxury

During the remodeling of bathroom, besides the size, the style of bathroom vanity has its own value. If you hang the stylish and classic bathroom vanity in your bath areas then you can achieve the classic appearance of your area besides enhancing the functionality. Avaluxury is offering the multiple styles for all size bathroom vanities. Your bathroom vanity size will not restrict you get your desired style in your bathrooms. Form modern to tradition, antique to classic, any style you want, you will have multiple option in front of you when you buying your new bathroom vanity from the Avauxury. In addition to these styles, today you can get the bathroom vanities in two different mounting styles.

Free-standing bathroom vanities

As implied by their name, these vanities for bathrooms stand straight on the ground, either on legs or a sturdy foundation. This floor-mounted vanity is the finest choice for obtaining the traditional and classic look, and it is frequently desired by traditional individuals who want to uphold traditional values. The free-standing bathroom vanity is renowned for its ability to hold a large number of items because it has numerous sturdy drawers built into the base. The free-standing bathroom vanities are the best options for locations where you want to conceal the plumbing and wall fixtures. These kinds of vanities typically hang in large bathrooms and are occasionally not advised for small and tight spaces. Avaluxury, on the other hand, offers compact, free-standing bathroom vanities that may be mounted in a constrained space.

Floating bathroom vanities

A floating bathroom vanity is the best option for achieving a unique and modern appearance in bath areas. Besides providing a unique appearance, a floating or wall-mounted bathroom vanity is beneficial in various ways. Floating vanities are an excellent alternative for tiny bathrooms and powder rooms since they are elevated above the floor, giving the impression that the area is more extensive and lighter. From Avaluxury, you can get any size floating bathroom vanity varying from 18” to 72”.  

Compared to free-standing bathroom vanity, a floating bathroom vanity allows you to hang as high as you want. These vanities are famous for creating a more spacious and illuminant environment in any size bathroom. The space appears larger because light can reflect off the ground below. In addition, a floating bathroom vanity provides ease in cleaning the area under and around the vanity base.  If you want to renovate your bathroom with modernism and up-to-date style, then a floating or wall-mounting bathroom vanity is designed for you.

Color and finish for bathroom vanities at Avaluxury

Today all bathroom vanities are available in different finishes and colors. To get the desired and persistent appearance, it is necessary to get the bathroom vanity in the right color. Avaluxury is famous for providing size bathroom vanities in various hues and finishes. The vast collection of different color bathroom vanities at Avaluxury offers the best option for each homeowner according to their needs. From basic colors to trendy colors, you can get your bathroom vanity in your required color.

Black Vanity

Avaluxury offers the black color vanity to create a bold and dramatically contemporary appearance in your bath areas. This is the most demanding color vanity among people who wants to create a modern and bold appearance in their bath or powder rooms. Black color vanity enhances the warm environment of any size bathroom. You can get a minimalistic appearance in your areas by contrasting this color vanity with earthy tones floors. A black color bathroom vanity never gets out of style so hanging this bathroom vanity allows you to enjoy your bathroom theme for a longer period. You can get black vanity with hardware or without hardware to get the desired appearance. The black vanities without hardware give a more classic and bold look. But you can get what you want to see in your rooms.

Gray Vanity

A gray bathroom vanity is famous for achieving a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the bathrooms or powder rooms. This has been one of the most popular colors for bath vanities for the last few years. Whether you want a floating or free-standing bathroom vanity in a gray color, you will get a smooth and neat appearance in your areas. By making a little effort for wall and floor color, you can enhance the beauty of your gray bathroom vanities. The gray bathroom vanities can stand proudly against the white or blue bathroom walls. Gray bathroom vanities at Avaluxury are designed with solid wood and adorned with silver or nickel hardware to bring a classic appeal to your areas.

Green Vanity

The green color bathroom vanity is also the trendiest vanity among people now a day. By keeping the trend alive, Avaluxury offers a beautiful siege-green bathroom vanity in various styles. Adding a green color in your bath areas enhances the sense of relaxation as green represents the natural environment. The green bathroom vanity allows you to achieve an eco-friendly bathroom environment. Additionally, when you buy the green bathroom vanity from Avaluxury with the recessed handle, you will achieve a noise-free and relaxed environment in your areas. When you hang the green bathroom vanity in front of a white or light green wall, then you will get a more open and neat look.

Navy blue vanity

At Avaluxury you will get another trendy color bathroom vanity: a navy blue one. For those who want to play with the bathroom theme and instead of hanging the typical wooden color bathroom vanity, a navy blue bathroom vanity is the more popular option. To enhance the color of the vanity, you need to hang such vanities in a white theme bathroom or the light gray bathroom. Besides, you can mount this vanity in any style bathroom but ensure a proper environment. If you really want to hang the navy blue bathroom vanity, then you can buy yours from Avaluxury. You will get the navy blue bathroom vanity paired with the gold hardware to enhance the appearance of your bathroom.

White vanity

Avaluxury provides the most popular and common color bathroom vanities that have been famous among people for centuries, the white bathroom vanity. Without even thinking, you can mount your white bathroom vanity in any style and color bathroom. You can mount the white bathroom vanity no matter your style or theme. The cleaning of the white bathroom vanity is straightforward. Most importantly, at Avaluxury, you will get well-polished and finished white bathroom vanities that can stand in your areas for longer. White bathroom vanities are also essential to get more brightness in your bath areas. As the light reflects the vanity shades, the white bathroom vanity can lighten the areas quickly.

Material for bathroom vanities

In addition to the style, size, and color, the other important thing you can get from Avaluxury is the material from your bathroom vanity is designed and adorned. Avaluxury provides size bathroom vanities in solid and engineered wood to ensure your vanity can serve you for many years. The bathroom remodeling project is costly; repeating it after a few months will cost you high. In addition to manufacturing material, you can get the minimalistic hardware that adorns your bathroom vanity to achieve the desired appearance. Some bathroom vanities are designed with recessed handles with smooth operation by keeping the vanity style.


How long typically can you use your bathroom vanities?

Bathroom vanities can last for decades if built with long-lasting materials, have high-quality construction, and are correctly installed. Getting the right vanity set from a reliable retailer can serve you for many years without getting scratched on it.

Why is it essential to have a bathroom vanity?

In the bathroom, vanities are very vital because of many reasons. They can conceal plumbing, provide working space on its top, and allow you to store all your necessary toiletries. These are all necessary components that contribute to a pleasant and convenient experience. With a bathroom vanity, you will find it easier to get ready and store your products. The spacious bathroom vanity is ideal for personal grooming and self-care and offers optimal storage space with its meticulously built vanity base.  

Can you switch out a vanity top instead of a complete bathroom vanity set?

Yes! You can replace the bathroom vanity as they are easily replaceable. Replacing the bathroom vanity instead of the whole vanity set is cost-effective. You can get a quick makeover by only changing the top of your bathroom vanity.

Summing it up

During your remodeling project, when you are stuck at the point where you should buy your new vanity, you can consider the different factors. We have described some factors above. You should focus on brand reputation, reliability, and customer support. However, if you want to buy your new vanity, Avaluxury offers a vast collection of bathroom vanities with proper customer support. You can buy your next dream vanity from Avaluxury at affordable rates.