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11+ Master Bathroom Double Sink Vanity Ideas

11+ Master Bathroom Double Sink Vanity Ideas

In our bathroom, the most essential part is the vanity, due to which functionality of our bathroom becomes smooth and quick. Bathroom vanities can help to prepare you in the morning and provide benefits to checking your appearance or hairstyles during parties and events. 

As vanity is essential for the bathroom, one vanity is not enough for all these tasks to keep functionalities and keep our bathroom things like a comb, some makeup, hair dryer, and more. In this case, a master bathroom vanity, often a double sink bathroom vanity, can handle all these functions and give you more space to arrange your stuff.  Here in this article, we will cover everything about master bathroom double sink vanity ideas and how you can decorate your master bathroom vanity. 

1. Classic Look

To make your master vanity look classic, you can use a wood-made countertop. It will make your vanity look classic and give you a natural feel to the space. In addition, if you have faux marble-like wood tiles, then it will enhance the natural look of your master bathroom vanity. 

You can also decorate it with wood-design wallpaper around the countertop to make it personalized. 

2. Choose Color

Color is an essential factor in decorating our master bathroom vanity. The most familiar color is light blue because of its pretty looks and comfortable eyes in the bathroom. The light blue also gives you a spa-like feeling of space in your bathroom. 

If you do not like the light blue color, then our recommendation for alternative popular colors is navy blue, green, and gray are the best alternatives. 

3. Use of Sconces

Different types of sconces are available in the market, and we recommend you can use silver sconces for your master vanity. These sconces are bracket candlesticks that provide you with a charming beauty for vanity. Additionally, a sconce adds charm and beauty and makes proper lighting on your vanity. With appropriate and perfect lighting, you can do better makeup, better hairstyle, and better arrange your things to make you ready for the day. 

4. Modern & Sleek

If you are looking for a modern and sleek look in master bathroom vanities, then you should use wall-mounted master bathroom vanities. These vanities are mounted on walls but do not have legs. Another common name for this vanity is freestanding bathroom vanity. 

You can also use drawers without knobs which will give you a simple look. In this way, you will have a modern and sleek look from your master vanity. 

5. Add Paneling

To make a gracious look from the side of your master vanity, you can install paneling in the sidewall, which will make it a more modern style. Another advantage of paneling is you do not need to do painting on walls, and it looks nicer than paint. Paneling gives us a luxurious look in vanity while in comparison to paint, it’s very common nowadays, and everyone uses paint on the walls of the bathroom. So, adding paneling with walls gives you a unique wall than others and makes it luxurious.

6. Matching Floor

Match your bathroom floor with the vanity color. Always having the floor color match your bedroom wall is not necessary at all. For a better look, you should match the floor color with the vanity color. 

7. Luxurious Look

Having a luxurious master bathroom vanity is a dream for everyone. You can make a luxurious bathroom with our recommendation. First of all, you need to install a gray marble countertop. It uses white cupboards and nickel brass to be a luxurious master vanity. And finally, your elegant master vanity is ready. 

8. Wood Vanity with Black Hexagon

Another idea is for a wood vanity; you can hang a rectangular mirror above it and curve these mirrors. After this, install brass lights matching the handles and door colors. Then you need black hexagon tiles on the floor. That’s to make your master bathroom vanity a modern and sleek look. We recommend that if you use black hexagon tiles, construct your walls white for the beauty of the master vanity in this space. 

9. Pattern floor with Light Oak Vanity

A master light oak vanity with a quartz countertop looks no less than luxurious. Your vanity with the patterned floor in light gray and black color makes it look more attractive, and you feel like a luxury vanity. 

10. Illuminating Area

Lighting is an essential factor for our bathroom vanity because we all know from early morning to evening, bathroom vanity prepares us for the day. A proper illuminating light on a person using this master vanity and a light on the sink is perfect. A person will have a bright look in front of the mirror with a right illuminating light. 

Good places to keep proper lighting on the master vanity are above the mirror and in front of face level, or you can use it on the side space on the mirror to look more beautiful. 

Alternatively, you can also have a mounting fixture above the mirror. This way, you will have light downward but do not use a space that is low below the face level

11. Choose the Right Countertop

We all know well that our vanities interact with water and have moisture. Choosing the suitable material for a countertop is important because if you choose a fabric that gets damaged in humidity, it means not only countertop damage but also your vanity. 

Our recommendation is to choose a stone countertop like granite or marble. You can have both a thick marble countertop and a thin one. That is your choice. But a thick one is better because your sink will drop on the counter and look pretty.  

 Consider a concrete countertop if you are looking for an affordable alternative other than a stone countertop. Concrete countertops allow you to modify or shape them according to your requirements. 

12. Tile

Tiles on the wall play a crucial role in our bathroom. Because tile often keeps your floor clean and prevents it from moisture. Larger tiles with thinner lines on them give you a fantastic look. If you have smaller tiles, then it will provide you with a mosaic look. Choose a color of tile that helps you to keep your bathroom brighter. 

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