25+ Bathroom Vanity Color Ideas For a Stylish Upgrade

25+ Bathroom Vanity Color Ideas For a Stylish Upgrade

Whether considering renovating your entire bathroom or remodeling only your vanity on an affordable budget, choosing the right color or paint always plays an important role. Along with being affordable, painting is easy, and you can complete painting your bathroom vanity on the weekend. 

While painting bathrooms, there is a question about what color will be perfect and matches the bathroom style. There are a lot of color variations available, which makes the selection very difficult. Because every color has its feel and provides different aesthetics, we’ve shared a list of bathroom vanity color ideas so you can easily choose the color and make your dream bathroom.

  1. Matte Cashmere

Matte Cashmere color having a classic look gives you attractiveness in your bathroom with two different background colors: a light shade of gray and a light shade of cream color. A matte cashmere color on these backgrounds will represent your bathroom vanity in a classic look and be more attractive. Remember, these often come up with floating bathroom vanities, and if you are looking for double-sink bathroom vanities in this color, there may be another choice for you in this article.


  1. Light Oak

Light oak color is similar to wood color, but it’s a light and clean one from wood. In Wood, there are black and brown color lines, but in light oak, you will have a natural look of wood without those lines. 

With light oak color, no matter if you have a creamy or marble gray background, this color is prominent for all environments. 



  1. High Gloss Cappuccino

High gloss cappuccino is another stunning color while having a creamy color background for your bathroom. This color is suitable on other backgrounds, too, but it’s more attractive on a creamy color background. The black border on its cabinet adds more attractiveness to vanity.


  1. High Gloss Anthracite

If your bathroom walls have a gray shade of marble or wallpaper on the walls and background, then high gloss anthracite is a suitable color for a classic look over that background. Mostly in our observation, we see this color is used by a lot of houses for floating vanities like Veneto bathroom vanities.


  1. Dark Oak

Dark oak color has similarities with wood color. It’s a brownish color in the shade/taste of wood. Having a dark oak Veneto bathroom vanity gives you a stunning look and makes it look luxurious.


  1. Navy Blue

The blue color is also considered for freshness and cleanliness for people, and that’s why people love this color. In blue a trendy shade is navy blue, which you should try. Navy blue is also a timeless color which means if you choose navy blue for your bathroom vanity, then you will have a longer duration of time ( not going to renovate sooner again and again), as well as you will also have trending color, which is of-course navy blue.


  1. Black

Black is another popular color and makes your vanity look luxurious. With its popularity, black can be used in the kitchen and bathroom vanity. For a bathroom vanity with black color, you can also achieve a luxurious look by combining your black vanity color with another one like gray, marble, white, metal tones, or quartz color. You can have a luxurious vanity in black. Just follow the above steps and add some light or sconces in a golden shade to have a downright luxurious look.
But our suggestion is black is suitable for those families who do not have kids or young families. Because black color is easy to get dusted and fingerprints also make it dusty. Need to be neat and clean always.


  1. Gray

No doubt, in today’s vanities, the most used color is gray, a famous color. It may be popular because the gray color comes in two shades and continuously adjusts or pairs with mostly bathroom walls. 

That is why if you have a gray or light gray vanity, you can adjust this vanity easily in your house to care about your wall color or home color.


  1. Green

When you want a vanity pop against white walls, the right color is green. Different shades are also available in green, from which light green is trendy. There are also some green shades with gray available in the market. 


  1. White

If you are looking for a classic bathroom color, then white color suit for this vanity. Bright white vanity and brass nickel, matte black is trendy, and it will give you a completely classy look in this bathroom vanity.


  1. Cream Color

Most people look for classic bathroom vanity but don’t like the sharper white color. If the bright white color, as mentioned above, looks sharper to you and you do not like it, then you can try an alternative in cream color. It is the best alternative to bright white color.


  1. Earthy Green

Earthy green contributes to the natural and organic aesthetic; if you have plants and want more bathroom vanity decoration, the best color is earthy green. This color makes domestic bathroom vanity.


  1. Greige

Greige color is a combination of beige and gray. This color is softer and looks pretty on a natural bathroom vanity. You can add a bright pop, giving you a classic bathroom vanity look. It gives you a look of gray too, and if you are going to transition your palette towards beige color, then in this case, beige is one the best choice for you.

  1. Natural wood

This is not color but the natural look of your vanity in wood. This is an aesthetic natural look for your bathroom vanity. And natural wood is suitable if you want to touch a feeling of the natural environment.


  1. Pink

Pink bathroom vanity with nickel and brass will give you makeup vanity looks. You can keep the pink color combined with the ice cream color, which will keep you up-to-date with trends.


  1. Soft Stone

Neutral color is the perfect one for bathroom vanities and can be achieved by using stone color or wood texture color. Soft stone creates charm and more warmth with cozy white. When you keep your bathroom vanity simple and natural, then it keeps it from distracting other features or elements.


  1. Black & White

Are you thinking about black or white? Then there is another idea to use both black and white. Black vanity with white cabinets gives a stunning look with a luxurious style.


  1. Dark Wood

Dark wood color gives an antique look to bathroom vanities. The contrast of dark wood bathroom vanity with a light wall color will give you a gorgeous look for bathroom vanity.


  1. Charcoal

A deep shade of gray, often known as charcoal, is a great choice, and it looks impressive alongside the white color. In the below example, you can see its look, and it also creates a gentle contrast which you can’t get from only the black and white one.


  1. Beige

According to your bathroom color, if it matches with beige, then you can choose a beige color for your vanity. There are different shades of beige color available in the market, from which popular ones are greenish khaki and sandy tan. So, find the beige that fits well with your bathroom’s overall color scheme.


  1. Sage Green

Sage green is a popular color from kitchen cabinets to bathroom vanities. In our research, we have seen a lot of different houses using this color for their kitchen cabinets and for bathroom vanities.

  1. True Green

As opposed to sage green, the true green color is more prominent and grabs more attention. True green color is daring, confident, and more strikingly attractive, while other colors seem to be basic.


  1. Gray Green

In the natural color of green, this shade is attractive, but the tone of this shade is a little bit down. A greenish-gray color in your bathroom for vanities looks heavenly when you have stone beneath your vanity cabinets.


  1. Light Blue

From our perspective, the blue color also exists in natural color, and this light blue tone proves our point. This color is graceful and provides us with a gently refreshing tone of shade instead of a bold burst of color.


  1. Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is another color that exists in blue; cobalt blue color gives you a seamless look that is matching to your fun wallpaper.


  1. Eggplant Purple

Eggplant purple color elegantly adds stunning looks to your bathroom vanity; It’s something that plain white cabinets could only wish for in terms of impact. A luxurious hue like this puts in a lot of effort to elevate the room’s style, striking a balance between sophistication and playfulness.

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