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7+ Creative Corner Bathroom Vanity Ideas For Maximizing The Space

7+ Creative Corner Bathroom Vanity Ideas For Maximizing The Space

Decorating the small and compact bath areas is a tricky task. When you have a small area, you need to think differently and bring innovative vanity ideas as they have tight space and different layouts. One of the best ways is to mount the corner bathroom vanity so that you can have more room for roaming in compact bath areas. It serves as a space-saving option for small to large bathrooms. You can go for a corner vanity when you cannot mount the regular bathroom vanity. You can bring functionality and style to small and uniquely shaped bathrooms by mounting the corner vanity. Additionally, they can utilize the unused corner space as a practical option.

If you want to mount the corner bathroom vanity in your compact area and want to find various corner vanity ideas, then this post is for you. In this article, we will explore multiple corner bathroom vanity ideas that are functional and stylish choices. From space-saving options to creative design ideas, we will guide you in making the most of your compact space.

1. Go for a contemporary & space-saving corner vanity

Mount the corner bathroom vanity to make your compact bath area feel vast and open. The simple and minimalistic corner bathroom vanity is the ideal space-saving option. Choose a vanity with clean lines and minimalistic hardware to achieve a contemporary and space-saving look. With these compact and modern bathroom corner vanities, you can get more storage space when your vanity comes with drawers and shelves for putting the bathroom essentials. By mounting such a contemporary corner vanity, you can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your small bath area.


2. Round or curved corner vanity

When bringing soft elegance and sophistication to the small bath areas, mount a round corner vanity. The vanity without specific edges allows you to create a smooth corner in compact bath areas. If your bath area has irregular angular space, round corner vanity can help make slick aesthetics. Pair your corner vanity with round mirrors and other fixtures to achieve a cohesive and attractive look. If you don’t want to mount the mirror with a corner vanity, add the wall art in the corner and get an artistic environment in small bath areas.

3. Mount corner vanity against floral wall

Another way of mounting the corner vanity in the compact bath area is to mount them against the patterned wall. If you love bringing nature into your tight space, you can install the floral wallpaper on the wall where you want to mount the vanity. Instead of installing the patterned backsplash, you can paint the wall with your favourite design. Combining the sleek corner vanity and the vibrant floral wallpaper creates a striking and captivating element in the bath area. Choose this idea for embracing the balance between the structured and natural parts to make your bathroom a relaxing retreat.

4. Achieve Floating Elegance with a corner vanity

You can create modern and contemporary aesthetics despite having small and compact bath areas. To achieve modern sophistication, choose the floating corner bathroom vanity. In contrast to traditional vanity, a floating vanity provides a unique and contemporary look to small to large size bath areas. The floating vanity is a more practical option for the compact area as it can free up the bathroom space and gives an airy and light feel. With more space under the sink and vanity, it becomes easier to maintain the room neat and clean. Pair it with a vessel or bowl sink for more sleek and contemporary appeal in the small room.

5. Add colorful corner vanity

For those who want to bring bold and vibrant colors to the small bath areas, a bold color bathroom vanity is the right option. You can go for the red, orange, or black corner bathroom vanity to create a vibrant atmosphere in your small bathrooms. This rich and bold color corner vanity will instantly make an attractive focal point while sitting in the corner. You can play with the bathroom design while mounting the colorful vanity. Suppose mounting the red vanity with other bright and complementary accents such as towels, rugs or decoration pieces to achieve your desired and lively look.


6. Bring luxury with marble & corner vanity

A compact bath area or powder room doesn’t mean you cannot create a luxurious environment. For bringing luxury to the bath area, marble is the best material. You can mount the corner vanity with the marble countertop to improve the look of your bath areas. Alternatively, mount the marble tiles on the wall and mount the corner vanity against it to enhance the value of your small powder room or bathroom. You can add a touch of gold accents to enhance the beauty of the marble. Install the gold faucet and vanity mirror with the golden frame to quickly upgrade the charm of the marble wall and corner vanity.


7. Triangular corner vanity for enhancing the style

Another way of bringing the corner vanity in a small area with different and irregular dimensions is to fill the space with the specific shape corner vanity. If you are facing such a situation, mount the triangular corner vanity to fill the gap and corner of the bath area. Opt for a vanity explicitly designed for corners, featuring a triangular shape or any other shape that perfectly fits the available corner space. By mounting the uniquely shaped corner vanity, you will not only enhance the functionality of the bath area but also bring a stylish appearance to the bath area. Create a striking, attractive point in your bath area with a uniquely designed corner vanity.

8. Vessel-sink corner vanity

The corner bathroom vanity can be mounted with different style vanity sinks. From integrated to vessel style, you can choose according to your taste. However, when you install the vessel sink with a corner vanity, you ensure to get a contemporary look. Choose different shapes of vessel sinks, such as rectangular, square, or round, to add a touch of elegance. The vast and rectangular shape vessel sink with a rounded corner can bring stylish and unique aesthetics that allows you to create a dramatic and eye-catching focal point in the bath area. Select the material of the vessel sink of your choice. Whether you want to add a patterned or minimalist sink, the vessel sink transforms the compact size into a luxurious and contemporary space while sitting on the corner vanity.


Corner bathroom vanities are practical and stylish for small, compact bath areas. It doesn’t matter what layout you have for the bath area; a corner bathroom vanity ensures it fits in the space. With a strategic addition of a corner bathroom vanity, the functionality and the appearance of a small bath area can be instantly improved. The right size and style corner vanity lets you get the desired storage space and bathroom theme. If you design your small bath area or powder room, consider the mentioned corner bathroom vanity ideas while decorating your compact and small bathrooms.

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