8+ Oak Bathroom Vanity Ideas For Rustic Elegance

8+ Oak Bathroom Vanity Ideas For Rustic Elegance

Bathroom renovating is the most hard thing to do as you want to upgrade the style and design of your bathroom. Whenever people make decisions to renovate their space and bathroom, their main focus is to create a spacious bathroom that can carry all their daily routines. They not only focused on the spacious bathroom but also wanted to make their bathroom look luxurious.

So, we are going to share a list of stylish oak bathroom vanities that will help to elevate your bathroom design. With the help of these ideas, your bathroom is going to look luxurious and will save so much space for things like your daily makeup products and all other toiletries.

8+ Best Oak Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathroom vanities are the heart of a bathroom décor. Oak Vanity comes with a different variety of sizing, design and a huge range of paint finishes. Every vanity has its own design and structure that make them unique from others. 

The bathroom vanities come in two types: free-standing and floating bathroom vanities. While renovating your bathroom these ideas are very important to keep in mind whenever choosing a bathroom vanity for your bathroom.


  1. Light Oak Bathroom Vanity

Light oak vanities play a great role in bringing a touch of elegance in your bathroom, these vanities are for those who love to see their dream bathroom come to life! People who know how to renovate a bathroom know that it takes a lot of work and planning before starting. But it is worth renovating your bathroom, it changes the complete look of the bathroom and gives it a new life. Light oak vanities with a stylish marble countertop are everything people dream of. 

If you have a smaller bathroom and are worried about your space, then you can choose between 18 inch vanity and 24 inch vanities, they are smaller in size and their floating design is also going to save a lot of space in your bathroom. You can pair these light oak bathroom vanities with any kind of wall colors and surface tiles as their light color is going to look gorgeous with all kinds of shades behind it.



  1. Dark Oak Bathroom Vanity

If you want to upgrade the style and design of your bathroom then start with bringing a Dark Oak Bathroom vanity. Dark oak vanities look very expensive and luxurious because of their darker shades, these Dark oak vanities can be found in many different sizes that fill the needs of every bathroom. 

Dark oak bathroom vanities also come with a side cabinet that provides so much space for your daily products like towels and you can also use it to keep daily usable medicines. With these dark vanities you can choose any kind of background as they look very attractive because of their floating design and save a bunch of space in your bathroom.


  1. Arden Bathroom Vanity

Another vanity design that you can go with is Arden vanities. The best feature of this bathroom vanity is the front slab drawer and thick legs and a shelf between the legs is also a unique feature of this bathroom vanity. 

Arden bathroom vanities are the best option for your powder and guest bathroom, these vanities are a true showpiece for your bathroom. You can style your bathroom vanity by placing some towels, buckets and spare products on the shelf. These vanities come in small sizes and single sink designs ranging from 24 inch to 30 inches.


  1. Open Cabinetry Bathroom Vanity

Open cabinetry bathroom vanities offer an excellent design for your bathroom. The floating design of this vanity is going to look very basic but this is what makes it so special and attractive. The main feature of this bathroom vanity is the exposed plumbing connections. The low-profile vessel sinks is another great feature of open cabinetry vanities and with an extra shelf beneath the bathroom vanity mirror. 

The open cabinetry bathroom vanity design is not for everyone but the exposed plumbing of these vanities is going to give your bathroom a stylish and trendy look. This is definitely a mind blowing design that you should consider for your bathroom renovation.


  1. Dean Bathroom Vanity

Transform the overall look and design of your bathroom with Dean bathroom vanity. Dean vanities featuring timeless luxury design and optimal storage options. Their deep drawers are a great feature of this bathroom vanity as you can store all kinds of products like hair tools, hand towels and all the other products that you can find storing. 

Make sure to check all variations as they are available in many different finishes but the most gorgeous ones are white oak biscotti finish and painted seafoam finish, their lovely finishes add a touch of elegance to your bathroom and these collections of finishes can be paired with any countertop options and tile flooring.


  1. White Bathroom Vanity

If you want to add a shiny and charming vanity into your bathroom then white vanities are the best one. Simple white bathroom vanities look gorgeous with all types of bathrooms, the luxurious and premium white finish is going to take your bathroom to another level of luxury. 

You can consider white finished vanities in floating design or you can choose the free-standing design because both of these designs are really going to transform your simple bathroom into a luxury hotel one.

If you have a simple bathroom and want to change or renovate it then you can go with white vanities and also you can try different handle colors on their white body.


  1. Hopkins Bathroom Vanity

The deep and rich tone of Hopkins bathroom vanities are loaded with style and storage. Hopkins vanities are a mix of dean and Arden bathroom vanities. This features an offset sink that gives more space to drawers and doors. 

This bathroom vanity is only available in free-standing design, these vanities come with framed mirrors and frames can be customized according to the vanity color. Their seamless design makes them unique and attractive from other bathroom vanities.


  1. Open & Close Storage Bathroom Vanity 

Selecting the open and close storage bathroom vanities can create a stylish and bold statement in your bathroom. These are made in such a way that they have cabinets and also an open shelf beneath these cabinets for extra space, where you can put your towels and other daily used routine clothes. 

Open & close storage vanities give a traditional look to your bathroom when combined with high-contrast floor tiles. I personally love this vanity design, the perfect mix and closed and open storage space. These are the most spacious bathroom vanities you can buy if you have a big bathroom or you can also check out the 72 inch bathroom vanities, they are also very spacious bathroom vanities but these are not available in open and closed storage design.



  1. Minnehaha Bathroom Vanity

Enhance the look of your bathroom with Minnehaha vanity, the most premium and well crafted bathroom vanities, their insert cabinetry design looks very luxurious. Minnehaha vanities come in different sizes to fit perfectly in all kinds of bathroom space, starting from 24 inches to 72 inches and also available in different finishes from which you can choose from.

The wood tweed finish options, original wood grain contain a very beautiful pattern across the whole base, from drawers to doors. This bathroom vanity is very recommended for powder bathrooms because the textured wood coated with transparent finish gives an attractive and elegant look.

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