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9 Bathroom Vanity Tray Ideas For Organizing The Essentials

9 Bathroom Vanity Tray Ideas For Organizing The Essentials

Today, trays are part of kitchen accessories and can be utilized as product organizers or decorative elements in bath areas. Placing a vanity tray as a versatile accessory on the bathroom vanity top or other fixtures brings unique aesthetics to the bath areas. However, setting it on the vanity’s countertop allows users to organize their favorite accessories, such as perfumes, jewelry, cosmetics, scented candles, and other decorative pieces. Instead of placing the fragrances and many other essentials in the drawers, organize them on the gorgeous vanity trays that only make your products accessible but also create a stylish look in your bath areas.

When it’s come to choosing the tray, you will find various styles of trays in the market. Different styles of vanity trays can bring different aesthetics to the bath areas. You can read the entire post if you need additional ideas for bathroom vanity trays. This article will explore a wide range of bathroom vanity ideas to guide you in creating functional and pleasing vanity areas.

1. Minimalistic & modern vanity tray

A bathroom vanity tray can bring a modern and minimalistic appearance if you choose a complementary vanity tray. You should get a white and plain vanity tray made of lacquer to create a modern look. The clean lines of white lacquer vanity tray can bring an instant modern aesthetics without making any effort. Organize your gorgeous, beaded jewelry on it to add a touch of glamor to the vanity area. However, you can place your favorite perfumes on it. The simple and clean lacquer tray shows versatility for decorating the vanity top and allows you to get a clutter-free bath area.

2. Luxurious marble vanity tray

The marble is famous for bringing luxurious charm to every area of the home, including the bathroom. You can obtain this charm by mounting the marble countertop or placing the vanity on the countertop. Choose a high-quality marble vanity tray with a polished finish to create an elegant and luxurious point in the bath area. By combining the natural beauty of marble with your simple and sleek countertop, you can instantly enhance the look of your vanity. Place your favorite products, such as perfume bottles, a small plant pot, or a designer-scented candle, to create your style in the vanity area.

3. Round silver vanity tray

When you want to bring transitional aesthetics to the bath areas, you need to place the accessories to display the traditional to modern style. Bring the round silver vanity tray to get such a transitional and glamorous style. With a sleek design and shiny finish, a silver tray can bring a touch of elegance and add modern aesthetics. Having a round shape on the countertop, you can get a soft and graceful impact around the vanity. Organize your daily products on the silver tray to make them reachable. You can place your perfume bottles and jewelry box to make them accessible. Alternatively, a round and silver candle tray can create a sophisticated focal point in the bath area.

4. Natural Wooden vanity tray

Using a wooden tray to embrace warm and organic aesthetics, you can incorporate nature-inspired elements in the bath area. A wide wooden tray with a smooth finish creates a natural visual display when placed on marble or any countertop. You can arrange genuine items like small vases with- wildflowers to maintain a fresh and organic feel. Organize necessary items like soap jars and loofah or perfume bottles to make them reachable. You can place the bath towels in the wooden vanity tray with a plant pot to bring the natural look. Opt for a wooden tray if you love creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

5. Mirrored vanity tray

If you want to bring glamour to your bathroom vanity area, you need accessories that can bring glamorous charm. A mirrored vanity tray is ideal for an alluring and elegant feel. A vanity tray with reflective mirrored surface is suitable for creating a stunning visual impact. You can arrange your favorite items to get a reflection on the mirrored surface. You can bring a unique and sophisticated appeal to your bath areas by placing the mirrored vanity tray. By doing this, you not only enhance the beauty of the vanity top but also improve the beauty of the set items on the tray.

6. Footed vanity tray

You bring uniqueness by adding the footed vanity tray in the bath area. Instead of the flat-bottom vanity tray, a footed tray can create a unique style. A footed vanity tray can be found in different materials. The wooden footed vanity tray can bring a rustic charm to the bath area by enhancing the natural appeal. Place items like flowerpots, candles, and perfume bottles to make them within your reach and create a stunning appearance. The footed vanity tray, made of wood or any other material, adds a stylish focal point to your vanity. Instantly elevate your vanity area with a wooden-footed vanity tray’s charming and organic presence.

7. Hexagonal glass vanity tray

When you want to bring a unique and elevated style to your bath areas, you can introduce a modern and geometric touch to your vanity area. For this, opt for a hexagonal glass vanity tray to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your bath area. Opt for a tray that displays a sleek and transparent design with a gold hexagonal frame. Place different items, such as glass jars for cotton swabs or a minimalist jewelry dish, on the tray for a sophisticated display. The unique hexagonal shape adds a contemporary element to your vanity top, and the glass material creates a touch of elegance.

8. Brass vanity tray

You can bring the brass vanity tray to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your bath area. The brass vanity tray with a gold finish can bring a touch of uniqueness and elegance. Organize your luxurious and necessary items, such as crystal perfume bottles, lacquer plant pots, and unique shape jewelry boxes. With the brass vanity tray, you can add a warm and inviting focal point in the vanity space. Its sleek and shining surface can reflect lights wonderfully, bringing the glow to the vanity space. Add some classic elegance to your bathroom with a brass vanity tray.

9. Tiered vanity tray

To bring rustic aesthetics, a multi-layer vanity tray is the essential element. You can maximize the functionality and storage space while improving the rustic charm of the vanity area. Choose a tray with multiple levels for creating the different sections to place many items. A multi-layer tray, or a tiered tray, allows you to organize additional items separately. You can designate one area for jewelry and another for perfume bottles. You can arrange skincare products, cosmetics, and many other things in each tier. No matter what type of material you choose for your tiered vanity tray, this design allows you to organize your essentials neatly.


If you want to improve the aesthetics, the vanity tray is the most essential accessory. By placing the vanity tray, you not only enhance the functionality of your areas but also improve the style of your bath area. You can choose various types of vanity trays when you decide to put the vanity tray for organizing your favorite products. You can find multiple bathroom vanity tray ideas for decorating the vanity countertop, including traditional to minimalist vanity trays. We have discussed various bathroom vanity ideas above to provide ease and guide you in adding the vanity tray. Choose according to your taste and decorate your bath areas while representing your taste. You can create a visually elegant look in your bath area by selecting the vanity tray that complements your personal style. 

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