What Size Medicine Cabinet For 24 Inch Vanity?

What Size Medicine Cabinet For 24 Inch Vanity?

Are you considering increasing the storage space for the small-size bathroom? Your 24-inch vanity needs to provide more storage to put all toiletries. You should consider increasing the ample storage to make your area clutter-free. The greatest solution in this case would be a medicine cabinet that is the correct size. Besides expanding the functionality in your bathrooms, a medicine cabinet also enhances your bathroom style. You can make your bathroom more practical by hanging the right-size medicine cabinet over the 24-inch vanity. 

Medicine cabinets are not the latest invention. These have been famous among people for centuries at physician offices as well as at homes. However, its original purpose was to store pills, tablets, and other medicines. However, it is now a crucial component of chic bathrooms and powder rooms. From small to large size bathrooms, these are significant parts as they can store many products.

If you are finding the right-size medicine cabinet that can flaunt the style of your 24-inch bathroom vanity style, then this article is worth reading.

Installation types of medicine cabinets for 24-inch vanity

You may locate a variety of medicine cabinets in the market. These medicine cabinets are identified by their mounting design. The size of the medicine cabinet could vary according to the mounting style of the medicine cabinet. Previously you had a single option for hanging the medicine cabinets in your bathrooms, powder rooms, or offices, and they might require specific space to mount. Still, today with the new mounting styles, you can clean and tidy any area by hanging the medicine cabinets, even in the small bathrooms. There are two mounting styles available for medicine cabinets. 

Surface-mount medicine cabinets:

The traditional and old-style medicine cabinet was nearly similar to surface-mount style medicine cabinet. For hanging such type of medicine cabinet, you need strong drywall or plaster that can securely hang with the help of screws. After installation, the surface-mount medicine cabinet extends from the wall by a few inches. A surface-mount cabinet comes in various styles and decorative frames that provide a unique and traditional appearance to your rooms. With more depth, these are generally hung in large bathrooms with more space to hang the medicine cabinet. However, measure the area carefully if you want to hang this over 24-inch vanity. 

Recessed Medicine cabinets:  

The recessed medicine cabinets fit into the wall by cutting or framing the drywall. It appears to be a straightforward mirror at first glance. Unlike the old-style medicine cabinets, it does not stick out the wall. After mounting, you can only see the cabinet’s front door, as all the other framing and screws were hidden behind the cabinet. These are perfect for small-size bathroom vanity such as 24-inch vanity. Your basic bathroom will be transformed into a trendy and stylish one even with it. These medicine cabinets are a space saver and best fit for tight areas. However, it is only a little deeper than the surface-mount cabinet. 

The standard size of medicine cabinets for 24-inch vanity 

Medicine cabinets are generally available in different standard sizes. These range from 16×30 to 24×30. But you need to focus on what size of the medicine cabinet will be suitable for 24-inch vanity. 

The first and most important thing is the width of the medicine cabinet. The width depends on the vanity width. The medicine cabinet should be less comprehensive than the vanity’s width or sometimes equal in width. All you need to focus on is that the medicine cabinet should only expand in width of the vanity. 

Similarly, the height of the medicine cabinet depends on different things, such as lighting fixtures, backsplash, and faucet height. You may choose the size of the cabinet you want by keeping all of these things in mind.

These measurements are for the recessed medicine cabinets because the surface-mount cabinet has frames to count in while measuring the size. For hanging the surface-mount medicine cabinet, you can get any suitable size for 24-inch vanity. However, having a recessed medicine cabinet is better to enhance the broader appearance of a small bathroom. The standard depth for a recessed medicine cabinet is usually 4″, slightly less than the depth of the surface-mount cabinet. But a recessed medicine cabinet is sufficient t enough to store all your hair accessories, cosmetics, and other cleansing products. A 15×24 size medicine cabinet is ideal for small-size vanities, including a 24-inch vanity. 

Consider the shape of 24-inch vanity

The shapes and designs of bathroom medicine cabinets are varied. While selecting one, make sure to get a consistent and timeless appeal in your areas. For 24-inch vanity, you will find traditional to modern techniques and shapes for medicine cabinets. 

Rectangular medicine cabinets:

This shape medicine cabinet has been popular among people for centuries. The size mentioned above is mainly for rectangular shape medicine cabinets. It is usually hanging in a vertical position to get the most accurate view from such a type of bathroom vanity. It allows the users to use the vanity and medicine cabinet easily while getting ready for work or other functions. With one or two shelves behind the door, such a vanity allows you to store all your necessary items.

Oval-shaped medicine cabinets:

The oval-shaped medicine cabinets also provide excellent storage for all your toiletries. In contrast to the traditional shape medicine cabinet, this brings modern and contemporary appeal even in a small area. Hanging in a vertical position over the 24-inch vanity will allow you to enjoy the latest and trendy look in small-size bathrooms. The trick to mounting such shape medicine cabinets is to focus on the central point of the cabinet as well as the sink. 

Arched medicine cabinets:

It is almost similar to a rectangular shape medicine cabinet but has a rounded corner from the top or both top and bottom. You can buy the same size as the rectangular medicine cabinets for 24-inch vanity. The arched medicine cabinets are ideal for bringing fun and drama to your small areas. 

Tips for hanging the right size medicine cabinet over 24-inch vanity

There is no strict guideline while measuring the size of medicine cabinets for mounting over the bathroom vanity. But with a few tips and tricks, you can bring a balanced and clean appearance to any size bathroom. 

  • Leave the minimum one-inch space on either side of the medicine cabinet.
  • Hang the medicine cabinet four to 7 feet above the floor.
  • Try to maintain a gap of a few inches between the bottom of the medicine cabinet and the vanity top, a minimum of 3 inches gap. 
  • Hang the medicine cabinet at the eye level of the users.
  • Hang the cabinet door above the faucet to prevent it from being in contact with it as it opens.


Can you hang the medicine cabinet wider than the vanity?

The ideal width for the medicine cabinet to be mounted is either slightly less than the vanity’s width or equal to it. The height of the medicine cabinet should be enough to leave the clearance space for faucets below the medicine cabinet and the lighting fixtures above the medicine cabinets. 


The size of medicine cabinets depends on the mounting style of the cabinets. If you want to hang the recessed medicine cabinets, you can follow the simple rule for measuring the right size for any vanity. The right size of medicine cabinet for 24-inch vanity falls between 15 to 24 inches in width. However, the height of the medicine cabinet depends on the height of the lighting fixture, bathroom vanity, sink faucet, and backsplash. Please focus on the tips mentioned before buying the medicine cabinet for your specific area and style; our experts are 24 hours available to guide you.

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