What Size Medicine Cabinet For 30 Inch Vanity?

What Size Medicine Cabinet For 30 Inch Vanity?

If you are considering increasing the storage space for your 30-inch bathroom vanity, then a right-size medicine cabinet can be a perfect choice. Traditionally, medicine cabinets were used as medicine storage. Today you can use them as an alternative to mirrors and cabinets. You can take double advantage of the medicine cabinets as they serve as cabinets and mirrors for your bath areas. For various reasons, the right-size medicine cabinet is essential for daily routine. 

Medicine cabinets are a great storage source and create an organized appearance in any size of the bathroom. You can mount them above any size bathroom vanities. For small-size bathroom vanities like 18-24 inches and for medium size bathroom vanities that are 30-48 inches wide. Suppose your vanity is 30 inches wide, and you are in the market to get a matching medicine cabinet. In that case, you need to ensure that you pick a medicine cabinet that is suitable for your bathroom vanity and your overall bathroom theme. 

This article covers several crucial points you should remember when searching for a medicine cabinet that is right for the available space in your bath areas. Let’s start with the standard size for the medicine cabinet to hang above the 30-inch bathroom vanity. 

What is the standard size of medicine cabinets for 30-inch vanity?

For medicine cabinets, some standard sizes available can go for different size bathroom vanity. Before purchasing any size, you need to measure the open space as well as the dimensions of the vanity. When you enter the market, you will see standard-size medicine cabinets ranging from 16×30 to 24×30. 

For 30-inch vanity, you need to decide what size medicine cabinet will suit to serve your medium size bath area. The width of the medicine cabinet should be less than the width of the 30-inch vanity, or it will be the same as the vanity’s width but never less than this. While deciding the width of the medicine cabinet, you also need to select the height of the medicine cabinet. The size can vary according to different factors such as lighting fixtures, user height, faucet height and backsplash height. 


 For 30-inch vanity, you can mount the 20 by 24-inch medicine cabinet. This size recessed-medicine cabinet can serve your 30-inch vanity in the best manner. For surface mount cabinets, you need to change the size as it comes with a frame slightly. 

Consider the depth of the cabinet in addition to the width and height when purchasing medicine cabinets. Surface-mount and recessed medicine cabinets have different depths, but both provide ample storage space for your amenities. In addition to the standard measurements, there are a lot of other factors you need to consider while choosing the medicine cabinet for a 30-inch vanity. 

Consider the style and shapes of medicine cabinets to hang above 30-inch vanity.

Bathroom medicine cabinets come in a variety of styles and shapes. You can get different designs for small to large-size bathrooms with distinct shapes of medicine cabinets. No matter your shape and style, ensure a consistent and timeless look in your spaces. The most common shapes are described below.

Rectangular shape

Whether you want a recessed or a surface-mount style, a rectangular shape medicine cabinet is the most popular shape among people. The dimensions given above are primarily for rectangular-shaped medicine cabinets. It is frequently hung vertically to get the most advantage from this type of bathroom medicine cabinet. It enables people to quickly get the full vision of them when they are getting ready.

Oval shape

The other most popular shape medicine cabinets are oval-shaped. These medicine cabinets are also a great source of storage space. These are an ideal addition to any size of bathroom to add a sleek and contemporary appeal in bath areas. You can hang them vertically and horizontally, whichever style you like. But hanging the oval shape medicine cabinets vertically above the 30-inch vanity will give you the latest and most fashionable manner. 

Arched shape

Arched medicine cabinets resemble rectangular ones but have curvy corners on both the top and bottom. For a 30-inch vanity, you can get the arched medicine cabinet in the same size as rectangular cabinets. This medicine cabinet is the best option to upgrade any size bathroom style instantly. 

Consider the material for 30-inch vanity

Whether you want a recessed medicine cabinet or a surface-mount medicine cabinet in a rectangular or oval shape, you can get these in different materials. All of these materials have different advantages. Some of them might cost you high, but they provide you with your desired look in your medium size bath area. These materials are:


It is the most common and wanted material for the medicine cabinet to get a natural environmental feel. The most common material to design the medicine cabinet is oak. However, some other engineered and natural wood can be used as long as they are covered with moisture-resistant material. So they can stand in the moist environment of your bath area.


If you want a budget-friendly medicine cabinet, you can go for those cabinets made from plastic. As wooden cabinets are costly and out of your budget, a medicine cabinet with high-quality plastic is an ideal alternative. These can serve your bath areas for extended periods without losing their rigidity. 

Stainless steel

Another famous material for medicine cabinets is stainless steel. The medicine cabinets, made from stainless steel, are ideal for getting a sleek and timeless appeal in your medium-sized bathroom with a 30-inch vanity. You can flaunt the style for a more extended period as the stainless steel keeps its gleaming finish in the humid climate of a bathroom.  


For medicine cabinets, aluminum is also famous among people. In comparison to stainless steel, this material is less durable. However, it is perfect for getting a unique and stylish appearance. 

Some other important features

Before purchasing the correct size medicine cabinet for 30-inch vanity, you should figure out what features you want for your medicine cabinets. Today medicine cabinets have different features based on the latest technology. You can select according to your needs. We will discuss some widespread features you can opt for in your medicine cabinets before hanging above 30-inch vanity or any size bathroom vanity.

Framed or frameless

Bathroom medicine cabinets come in both styles: framed and frameless. The frameless medicine cabinets are popular for those who love to create a clean look in the bath area, while the framed medicine cabinets are for antique design lovers. A decorative framed medicine cabinet adds a classic look to medium size bathroom. 


The other feature you might look for in your bathroom medicine cabinets is the number of shelves. The shelves in the medicine cabinets are essential for storing more items. How many frames you require to organize your accessories and products is up to you.

Type of doors

Medicine cabinets come with a different types of doors. You can select the best fit, from simple to reversible doors. For the small-size bathroom, reversible doors offer flexibility while using the medicine cabinets. In addition to the type of doors, you can also select the number of doors. However, small medicine cabinets such as 30-inch vanity are the appropriate size for a single-door medicine cabinet. Double-door medicine cabinets are for large-size bathrooms.

Mirror defoggers

Some medicine cabinets have magnifying mirrors and mirror defoggers. The magnifying mirrors ease the grooming process as you can set them according to height. The latest cabinets may include built-in defoggers to keep the mirrors from steaming up when you are in the shower.

Dimmable lights

Medicine cabinets with dimmable LED Lights are the best options for dual functions. Besides providing great functionality, these medicine cabinets help to save energy. 


How high should the medicine cabinet be above the bathroom vanity?

The most authentic way is to allow at least 3 inches gap above and below the medicine cabinet. It will create room to clear the faucet below the cabinet and the lighting fixtures above the medicine cabinet. For vision, ensure you can easily see your face and a small portion of your body.


The 20 by 30 is the most suitable size for 30-inch vanity if you want to hang the recessed medicine cabinet. For hanging the surface-mount medicine cabinet, you can modify the standard measurements. In addition to the mounting style, other features, including the type, shapes, and material of medicine cabinets, also play a role in deciding what size medicine cabinet you can get for 30-inch vanity. However, before purchasing a medicine cabinet, pay close attention to the position of lighting fixtures, the faucet and vanity, and the user’s height.


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