What Size Medicine Cabinet For 36 Inch Vanity?

What Size Medicine Cabinet For 36 Inch Vanity?

If you are in the middle of a bathroom remodeling project and trying to figure out what would be the best for your 36-inch bathroom vanity, you want a decorative mirror or a medicine cabinet for your 36-inch vanity to achieve the required design well as the function. Bathroom remodeling projects require a little care before performing so you can hang the right size products, such as a medicine cabinet in the available space above the 36-inch vanity. A 36-inch bathroom vanity is the standard size vanity that can easily serve a medium-sized bathroom. But if you need to update the storage space in your medium-sized bathroom, hanging a medicine cabinet is better than a simple mirror.

The shelves behind the single or double door of medicine cabinets provide a great space to organize your small to medium size bathroom by keeping the necessary toiletries on them. When you decide to mount the medicine cabinet above 36-inch vanity, then you should consider what size medicine cabinet will be perfect above 36-inch vanity. Deciding the size of medicine cabinets depends on different factors described in the following article. First, know about the standard size of a medicine cabinet for 36-inch bathroom vanity.

What is the standard size of medicine cabinets for 36-inch vanity?

Bathroom medicine cabinets are available in various standard sizes that can be perfectly mounted on different size bathroom vanities. From 16 by 30 inches to 24 by 30 inches, you can buy any size bathroom vanity according to the size of your vanity and available space. You must choose the right-sized medicine cabinet for your 36-inch vanity in your bath areas. 


Standard height for a medicine cabinet with 36-inch vanity

The standard height of medicine cabinets can vary according to the available space above any bathroom vanity. The standard height of a medicine cabinet starts from 20 inches and ends at 40 inches. The ideal medicine cabinet height to hang above the 36-inch vanity is 24 inches while focusing on the lighting fixtures and the faucet height. 

The standard width for a medicine cabinet with 36-inch vanity

When selecting the width for the medicine cabinet, you need to show some extra care. The medicine cabinet’s width must be less than or equal to that of a 36-inch vanity, but it must never be greater than the width of the vanity. You can hang the medicine cabinet with a standard width of 20 inches. This size medicine cabinet gives the medium compact bathroom a balanced and symmetrical look. 

The standard depth for a medicine cabinet with 36-inch vanity

To decide the width of medicine cabinets, you need to figure out what style of medicine cabinet you need in your area. Whether you want to hang a recessed medicine cabinet or a surface-mount medicine cabinet, you will find different depths accordingly. The surface-mount medicine cabinet has slightly more depth than the recessed medicine cabinets. The standard depth of a recessed medicine cabinet is 4 inches. 

What mounting style do you want for the medicine cabinet?

You will find numerous medicine cabinets when you go to the market to buy one. They have different mounting styles and can be recognized by how they are mounted. The size of the medicine cabinet may change depending on how the medicine cabinet is mounted. In the past, there was only one style for installing medicine cabinets in your bathrooms or powder rooms. For mounting them, sometimes they required a specific area. But today, you will find different styles of medicine cabinets that serve your area regardless of their sizes. No, you can find the different mounting styles for your medicine cabinets that we will discuss individually.

Recessed Medicine cabinets

Medicine cabinets that fit into the wall by cutting or framing the drywall are known as recessed medicine cabinets. It does not protrude from the wall as older-style medicine cabinets do. Therefore, it appears to be a simple mirror. When you mount these mirrors, you can hide all the framing and screws behind the cabinet, leaving only the front door visible. You can mount these medicine cabinets to get a clean and neat appearance. They are the best for 36-inch vanities and other compact or large bathroom vanities.

Surface-mount medicine cabinets

These medicine cabinets are almost similar to traditional-style medicine cabinets. To hang such medicine cabinets, you need a solid drywall on which these can securely hang. With the help of screws, you can mount them on the wall above any size bathroom vanity. In contrast to recessed medicine cabinets, the surface-mount medicine cabinet protrudes a few inches from the wall after installation. These cabinets carry decorative frames ideal for a decorative appearance in the bathrooms. Generally, these cabinets require more space to hang above the vanity. Therefore, these are popular for large-size bathroom vanities. However, you can mount them above the 36-inch vanity by focusing on the available space.

Dual-type medicine cabinets

Some medicine cabinets are designed so you can perform the dual installation process. You can mount them as recessed as well as the surface mount medicine cabinet. Such medicine cabinets allow you flexibility in making designs according to your bathroom style.

Consider some important features of medicine cabinet for 36-inch vanity

Consider some important features before purchasing medicine cabinets, no matter what type of medicine cabinet you select for your bath areas or powder rooms. Medicine cabinets not only enhance the storage space but also improve the aesthetics of your rooms. 

Style and shapes for medicine cabinets for 36-inch vanity

All medicine cabinets come in various styles and shapes to furnish your rooms while fulfilling functionality. These options allow you to select one according to your needs and choice. 

  1. Oval-Shaped Medicine cabinets

An oval shape mirror can be hanging above the 36-inch vanity. These can hang in the vertical direction. However, your consideration for the lighting fixtures can be decreased without the solid edges. 

  1. Rectangular-Shaped Medicine cabinets

Similarly, a rectangular medicine cabinet could be ideal for a standard-size bathroom vanity like a 36-inch vanity. You can mount these above the vanity in a vertical direction. This style cabinet with multiple shelves provides great storage. All you need to consider about the lighting fixtures and the height of the faucet. 

  1. Arched-Shaped medicine cabinets

Another unique shape for medicine cabinets is the arched shape. These shapes might have a curved corner on the top side or from the bottom. These are famous among the modern style bath styles. 

Types of medicine cabinets for 36-inch vanity

There are numerous types of medicine cabinets available in the market. Your selection for the style will affect the style of your bath areas and define the size of medicine cabinets for 36-inch vanity.

With or without mirrors

Some medicine cabinets come with mirrors, and some are available without mirrors. If you don’t want to use the mirror or already have installed a mirror but need to improve the storage, a medicine cabinet without a mirror is the ideal option. But for hanging above any size bathroom vanity or a 36-inch vanity, a medicine cabinet with a mirror is necessary. 

Framed or frameless

Do you want a recessed mirror with a frame or without frames? A frameless recessed mirror can enhance the aesthetics of your bathrooms. In comparison, a framed mirror with various finishes provides the traditional and classic appeal in the bathrooms and powder rooms. You can also get interior lighting frames with LED bulbs. 


What material is best for medicine cabinets?

Medicine cabinets are made from different materials, including plastic, aluminum, wood, and stainless steel. All of them have their importance. A wooden medicine cabinet is a good option for creating a solid and decorative appearance. Plastic medicine cabinets are the best options among all of these. They provide durability and resistance against heat and moisture for a longer period. 


In conclusion, for 36-inch bathroom vanity, you can consider the features mentioned above and the factors. To hang the right size medicine cabinet above 36-inch vanity, you can select one of the standard sizes for vanity. A medicine cabinet with 20×24 inches is an ideal size for 36-inch vanity. These measurements are ideal for recessed medicine cabinets. You can customize the size of surface-mount cabinets by focusing on available space. Focus on other bathroom accessories, such as lighting bars, sconces, sinks, and faucets.

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