What Size Medicine Cabinet For 48 Inch Vanity

What Size Medicine Cabinet For 48 Inch Vanity

Do you need help finding the right-size medicine cabinet for your 48-inch vanity? Need help figuring out where to start and what to consider while mounting the right-size bathroom medicine cabinet? This article is a complete guide for you.

Bathroom medicines are the best option for your bathroom remodeling projects if you are considering increasing storage space. Besides the storage space, you can get professional design and aesthetics for your bath area. When you step into the market, you will find many options to decorate and serve your bath areas. If you have oversized vanity like 48-inch vanity, then you need the proper size medicine cabinets that can serve you in large areas with classic appeal.

You might think of hanging the decorative mirrors, but in the end, you will need to organize all of your toiletries. You might organize them on the vanity top and, in the end, get a messy look in your bathrooms or powder rooms. To avoid such a situation, a medicine cabinet of the right size is a perfect option. By storing the necessary toiletries on the shelves behind the single or double doors of medicine cabinets, you can quickly get a timeless appeal in your large-size bathroom. This article is about what size a medicine cabinet is for a 48-inch vanity. First, know the standard medicine cabinet dimensions for a 48-inch bathroom vanity.

The standard-size medicine cabinets for 48-inch vanity

During shopping, you will see the different standard sizes for medicine cabinets. But you cannot mount any size medicine cabinet above any bathroom vanity. There should be enough space to hang the suitable size medicine cabinets. Imagine hanging the small medicine cabinets above the large-size bathroom vanity, such as the 48-inch bathroom vanity. You will get an imbalanced appearance.

Height of medicine cabinet for 48-inch vanity

Before purchasing the medicine cabinets for 48-inch vanity, consider the height of the medicine cabinet. All medicine cabinet has standard heights, but the standard height for a medicine cabinet that you will hang above the 48-inch vanity is 24 inches. You can get the medicine cabinet in customized size according to already mounted lighting fixtures and faucets.

Width of medicine cabinet for 48-inch vanity

In addition to the height, the width of the medicine cabinet is also an important feature. The standard rule for deciding the correct width for your medicine cabinets is these should not be wider than your vanity sinks and vanity tops. Out of all standard sizes, the suitable width for 48-inch vanity is 30 inches.

Depth of medicine cabinet for 48-inch vanity

To decide the depth of the medicine cabinet, you need to consider the different mounting styles of medicine cabinets. Recessed medicine cabinets are less deep than surface-mount medicine cabinets. When you hang the recessed medicine cabinet, you will get a 4-inches width. However, if you want to achieve more space, then you can select the surface mounting medicine cabinet.


What factors do you need to consider before buying a medicine cabinet for 48-inch vanity?

Before buying medicine cabinets, you need to consider some essential factors. Whether buying a recessed medicine cabinet or the surface-mount medicine cabinet, you need to consider these critical factors. These will allow you to understand what style of medicine cabinet you want for 48-inch vanity or other size bathroom vanities.


Before deciding on the bathroom medicine cabinet, consider the purpose you want to bring to your bath areas. Either you need a classic look, or you want to increase the space for your areas. Multiple people likely utilize your 48-inch vanity, and your area does not have enough space to organize all the toilet items.

In addition to storage, you should place the medicine cabinet above the vanity at the eye level of each user. So you can achieve the proper functionality. By hanging the medicine cabinet, you can get comfortable use or mirrors.

Weight consideration

Before buying medicine cabinets, be careful to take the weight of the medicine cabinet’s material and the products it will hold into account when mounting it above 48-inch vanity. To prevent the cabinet from tearing down the drywall supporting it, make sure it is fastened to a load-bearing wall or stud. While buying any medicine cabinet, make sure to read the weight recommendation for it carefully.

Material, color, and Finish

You will currently find medicine cabinets made of different materials and finishes. You can find plastic, wood, aluminum, and stainless steel medicine cabinets on the market. All of these are highly resistant to humid environments. It depends on your bath style and design. A wooden medicine cabinet is the best option to create a decorative look.

You can select the frameless and framed medicine cabinet in recessed and surface-mount medicine cabinets. A frameless recessed mirror is an ideal option to create a sleek appearance. While deciding on the framed medicine cabinet, you will get different color frames in different finishes. Funky color framed medicine cabinets are famous for creating the pop style in any bath or powder room.

Consider Features

Everything is ready to be innovative or digital now. Whether it is a medicine cabinet or other accessories, the entire is manufactured with the latest technology. There is a different feature that you can find for the medicine cabinet.


The medicine cabinet with mirror defogging feature may be necessary for those who frequently take warm showers. They help to clear the steam from the mirrors immediately.

LED Dimmer:

If you want to change the brightness level for day and night, then having the option to change the illumination is extremely helpful. For this purpose, the medicine cabinet with LED dimmer lights is the perfect option.

Adjustable shelves:

In addition to high-tech features, several medicine cabinets are made to allow you to adjust the shelves according to your needs. You can choose this feature if personalized organizing is necessary for you.

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